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Bootleg Ghetto shit!

(Cross posted to the superbusnet.com blog. Check it out sometime, guys!)

There is one video game advantage I have in my area that most people don't have in theirs: Shakesphere's Video Works, in the Trumbull Mall. This place is orgasm inducing if you like 1) not paying a lot, and 2) old video games. It's 10X better than Funcoland ever was; they have MASTER SYSTEM games, IN THEIR CASES. You might pay a little more here for most older games (Paper Mario for N64 seems to be going for $25-$30 on Ebay; at Shakestphere's, it's $36), but they have a nice return policy (basically, it's a trust system with Chris), they let you try the games in store (unless it's brand new), and they clean used discs you buy free of charge.

The best thing they have going for them right now is the "Family Boy". Basically, it's a bootleg system that plays both Nintendo and Famicom games. It's a toploader, and comes in multiple colours (I saw black, purple and silver). It's VERY obviously bootleg; the box says something about "NES/FAM HAPPY TIME!" It reminds me of some of the things I would see in Dubai, where you're lucky if you find a LEGIT system.

The things cost $65 (to compare, an NES with a new pin connector costs $60 at the same place), but there were a couple problems I noted. For one, I HATE the controllers, and you have to use theirs. It's nice to have a separate turbo button on them (since I played Super C, it was a NICE thing to have), but the directional pad was awful; for anything requiring precision, it was too touchy, as proven by the fact that I couldn't do the 10 man code in Super C correctly on three tries. Also, the cartridge just sticks up, with nothing supporting it; at least with the toploading NES, it stuck into something; there's not even a hole to stick the cartridge into, just the place where the card goes into. It's to the point where the cartridge actually wiggles if you give it a soft shake. It's basically begging for you to snap the cartridge off.

Still, if you're a collector of Japanese Famicom games, $65 isn't bad at all, if you're careful with the system.

I did make use of my mall trip last night: I picked up Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones (most people should know how I feel about THAT game), Neo Contra (on an initial playthrough, it's more like a top down shooter, but it's a good game), and God of War (for $11 less than EB was selling it for), which everyone's creaming over. I guess I'll have to find out why tomorrow.


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May. 29th, 2005 02:24 am (UTC)
Hmm...while I prefer playing older videogames on emulators (Not just because I'm a cheap bastard, but because you can capture screenshots and stuff) as a historian, this place sounds fascinating...Master System games in mint condition?! Impressive indeed...
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