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I got my Electronic Gaming Monthly in the mail today, and the first page I turned to at random is a two page ad spread for Madden 06. On a whim, I decided to call the Electronic Gaming Boutique in Milford to check on the MSRP. As some of you might remember a while back, I commented that if the MSRP for Madden - which went down to $30 last year - went back up, I was going to seriously consider boycotting EA games altogether… no small feat for someone that plays them as much as I do.

Well… my fears were confirmed. I placed the call to the Milford EBGames - a store I stopped frequenting, as the current staff reminds me of Gamestop in the worst way possible. He went through his sales pitch, and I asked him what the cost of Madden 2006 was going to be. The conversation as follows:

Me: “Yes, I was wondering, what is the retail going to be on Madden 2006?”
Clerk: “$50″
Me: “The hell?!? What happened to $30 from last year?” (note: this is when I expect an explination as to what happened between EA and the NFL, the exclusivity deal, etc.)
Clerk: “Well, you can always trade in your games, and bring the price down. We’re having a deal where if you preorder the game..."
Me (cutting him off): “I couldn’t give two shits. *click*”.

I’m going to reserve final judgement until I actually start seeing reviews for this game come in. Basically, if they’re going to jack the price back up to $50, they’d better show some RESULTS, in the form of a significantly improved game. This same EGM had a glowing review for NCAA Football 2006 by EA Sports (9.5, 9.0, 9.0; last year’s game basically drew 8s across the board), so I’m not without hope. But EA Sports had better make the price increase worth it. This is a risky time for their reputation amongst players out there; we’re all well versed about their labour practices, and their stifling corporate environment (much akin to AOL/Time Warner’s), and the word amongst casual players is that the games are nothing more than roster updates each year. If they slip and fall with this year’s Madden, or - even worse - put out a similar product to the game that I can currently get $20 cheaper, their current reputation as a money laundering ripoff scam dressed up as a video game company will be well cemented.

In other news, my Lunar finally showed up. The games weren't in great condition, came in late, and he didn't respond to emails, nor did he give me feedback; hence, the seller got neutral feedback, and I felt I was being nice.

Also, more site related goodness: I have a new review up. It's located here; it's for Big Bird's Hide and Speak for NES. Thanks to Sam for the editing.

Finally, I'm totally addicted to ROTK X. I'll likely update more about it later on, including detailed info about my current game. XD


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Jul. 2nd, 2005 05:07 pm (UTC)
I usually don't leave feedback if they haven't left me any unless it's positive, to avoid random morons giving me neutral or negative out of spite. D:
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