Superbus the BRAVE!!! (superbus) wrote,
Superbus the BRAVE!!!

I think chosen_tenor has reaffirmed my faith in Ebay sellers.

He had this bid up, and I started drooling over Phantasy Star IV. The bidding was only up to $13.50 at the time, but I wanted that game, so to be safe, I put in a bid for $50, figuring it wouldn't be approached.

Well, some jackass brought up my bid to $49, final tally of $51 after shipping. That put me in a quandry: $51 was a lot of money for me, not a total I was willing to part with easy. Long story short, this seller was VERY patient as I so much as decided weather or not to go through; this was a feedback nightmare waiting to happen.

Finally, I paid him last Sunday; he was about to list me as a defaulted buyer. Get this: not only did he send me all those games, in good condition (some of them have messed up boxes; I expected this. I'm also sad PSIV doesn't have the book, but again, can't beat the price/service), he ADDED four games! Not just any four games; NHLPA '93 (a fantastic game that I rented so much as a kid, I spent more on it than I would have had I bought it), NHL '97 (a mediocre game; I prefer '93 through '95), Tecmo Super Bowl III (good game, but not the NES version of TSB, which was godlike), and NFL Football '94 Starring Joe Montana (a great game). Basically, it's the best deal I've ever made on Ebay, and I reflected that in the feedback, especially considering he had every right to dump me on my ass. Oh, and to top it off, he left me positive feedback, when I deserved no more than neutral. XD

If this guy had an Ebay store, I'd pimp it until my fingers bled; that's how happy I am at this. It was worth the $51, and more.
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