Superbus the BRAVE!!! (superbus) wrote,
Superbus the BRAVE!!!


All you bisexuals on my list?

I really don't give a shit if random statements I, or my friends, say as jokes offend you!

See, I believe EVERYONE is open to be made fun of, for whatever reason. That means anyone. You're a cracker? Then put the Banjo down, Brossius! You're a nigger? Get out of KFC, Tyrone! Hispanic? I won't say shit about you, since you'll probably stab me, Emanuel. Asians? Before you kill yourself because you got an A-, listen to what I have to say! You're a fag? Clean the shit off your dick, Jonathan! Bisexual? Make up your goddamned mind!

Carlos Mencia says it best: family fucks with each other, and it's a great way to get along with people, once you put aside your prejudice. I think we're all going to be better off once we stop trying to be so fucking politically correct. Everyone should be able to make fun of everyone, including themselves.

So I'm going to continue to make jokes, about everyone. I will not censor myself. That goes for all you crackers, spics, niggers, beaners, wops, chinks, fags, dykes, twats, you name it.

Don't like it? Defriend me. Don't fucking talk to me. Because I get really tired of people thinking I'm going to censor myself because I might POSSIBLY offend what they are. And in cases like that, if people refuse to acknowledge this, I will do EVERYTHING in my power to offend. Purely for my own entertainment.

This came along because Cammi and I made a joke, and included the word bisexual in it. Naturally, all the bisexuals attacked us, and attacked Gunny for his own views on the subject, not even knowing what Gunny, Cammi or myself were even talking about! They blinded themselves to the context of our conversations and our statements, and instead went on the defensive, on instinct. Look, I don't care what anyone wants to put in their mouth; you want to suck dick and pussy, that's your call. I love you all very much; you're my friends, and I'd never hold it against anyone.

But if something like that is going to offend, especially considering the source, being me? Then that might have to change. Get your panties out of a wad, and try to find the joke in a situation.

EDIT: I'm mistaken; every bisexual except ONE said something. And she's smart enough to see the fucking humour!
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