Superbus the BRAVE!!! (superbus) wrote,
Superbus the BRAVE!!!

Bush nominates Puritan to Supreme Court; Pat Robertson gets first hardon since the McCarthy Era

You happy, you hard right, Christian nutjobs? You got your man. You finally got your hardcore conservative, as your blatant hypocracy won out over our lame duck President. The ideals of America's founding fathers means nothing to you, as long as you win political support. And you're a united front (kinda HAVE to be; have you seen what's happened to Cheney's political opponents over the years?!?), so this will happen.

I picture the Republicans as being like a four year old in a toy aisle. They tug Daddy George's pant leg, and go "Daddy George! Can we have Roe vs. Wade?" And George goes "I'm sorry, we can't afford that, we're going to have to settle for this balance thing...", and the Republicans start screaming "MINE! MINE! MINE!" in the aisle.

"We've been through this before, you can't have it..."
"C'mon, stop it now, you're embarrasing me..."
"Now stop it! I gave you a brand new Miers toy a few weeks ago, and you broke it! You're being bad!"

And then George, who's getting stares now by the rest of the people in the store, and mocking looks from those snobby Democrats, tries to take them out of the store, saying something along the lines of "I'm not letting you do this to me again...", and the Republicans fall down, kicking and screaming, saying they're going to tell the police, and this goes on for a few minutes, until George goes "Fine! OK! You can have Roe vs. Wade, if only it'll make you be quiet...", and the Republicans spring back up, like nothing's happened, saying "Thank you Daddy George! ^_^"

It's a weird parallel, but it makes sense. The same people that were saying that Miers was everything but the Devil's Advocate herself are saying that this is the right way to do things; that poor woman's going to have foot prints on her ass for a long time.

You women out there, I hope you enjoy your rights while you have them; pretty soon, you're going to go back to working out of the house as being taboo, as you sit around, barefoot in the kitchen, making a four course meal for your goodly Christian husband. If these people get their way, you're going to go back to being little more than child-birthing contrivances; borderline property. And you'd better get married before you're 20, too! If you don't, there's something wrong with you. You whore. But look at it this way; at least they don't cut off your clits, so you won't stray. Yet.

Canada looks better everyday. At least they can control their weirdos (Quebec).
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