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Superbusnet.com mail users:

I enabled the junk mail filter for superbusnet.com (and velthomer.net; Julia, that's you). I hear it's fairly good, but you never know when there will be a false positive.

If you think you missed something that got caught in the net, log into webmail (http://webmail.superbusnet.com and http://webmail.velthomer.net), you can see everything there. The thing is that everything is in "limbo" if it gets caught in the junk mail filter; that's a good thing, because if it gets to a program like Outlook, the preview function can activate some viruses.

The reason I did this is because of an email I got from Dreamhost today; say what you want about their CPU usage issues, but everything else, they keep me up to date on. Here are the contents.

Hello UnHappy-Email-Delayed DreamHost Customers,

Starting yesterday and still going on now our email servers have been
absolutely inundated with the "Sober.X Worm".. causing HUGE mail queues
resulting in long delays in the delivery of email to nearly ALL of our
clients. See news about the virus:


We're doing our best to filter this virus completely at the server level
and will get email caught up as soon as we possibly can.

If you're not already using it, now may be a good time to turn on our
Junk Mail filter for your domains!


The virus checker we have on there has been catching the worm effectively.

The Happy DreamHost Hates-Windows-Worms Team!

The preceding was a Downtime announcement, sent 2005-12-09 10:25:52.

You are receiving it via email because it is level 4 and
your account is set to get announcements of that level via email. You can change that by visiting our web panel's announcement area at: https://panel.dreamhost.com/?tree=home.announce

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement! Although we do not require a reply, if you would like to contact us, please visit: https://panel.dreamhost.com/?tree=support.msg

The Happy DreamHost Announcement Team

I've also been getting a lot of the MYTOB virus in my mail; most stuff I get is addressed to webmaster and admin@superbusnet.com, but since the rest of you might be getting it too, I'm not going to play around, the filter should be taking care of them, too.


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Dec. 9th, 2005 07:23 pm (UTC)
Thank you for informing us of this. *bows* ^^
Dec. 13th, 2005 03:02 am (UTC)
Viruses suck :[
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