Superbus the BRAVE!!! (superbus) wrote,
Superbus the BRAVE!!!

Well, this sucks...

I'm not one for government involvement in things, but in a case like this, yes, I want the government to protect people. Internet companies already make money hand-over-fist, especially when them branching out into ALL forms of media; I personally think that the whole idea of a fast-lane internet is abusable enough to the point where we're going to be overpaying for things that aren't even necessary.

Now, I'm one of those people that does a lot of streaming; I stream audio, occasionally video, etc; I'm an internet busy body, and would almost HAVE to get a "fast lane" should it come to that. I expect to be ripped off should it come to that. And furthermore, I won't have any other options; the only company that covers my area for cable internet is Adelphia. I'm expecting to get charged for features that I don't use, all as a package (much like my cable TV)... at a premium price, of course.

Politically, what scares me is that the vote almost exclusively went along party lines. Please tell me our politicians are more than just trained monkeys who's sole purpose in life is to hit the switch that they're told to... conveiniently marked by a donkey or an elephant, of course. What, did the ones that voted against party lines get electroshocked? Seriously, this wouldn't scare me as much if there was more division along BOTH lines; if we had quite a few Republicans voting for this, along with quite a few Democrats voting against it, the margin could be the same, and I wouldn't be this concerned. As it is, I'm convinced that people knew what they were voting for even before they knew what they were voting on. THAT scares me. And it's debatable as to what caused it; some could say the Republicans are out for their own interests and that the Democrats are just responding in kind as a defense mechanism, but I doubt that; I think this would be a problem in a more liberal government, too.

We need Net Neutrality. But we also need a more flexible government; BOTH parties are just old-boys clubs.
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