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CISCO router problem finally fixed; I might sleep tonight! :D

Meanwhile, have some

- Kent State University Bans Athletes From Facebook; Athletes Happy To Be Known For Something Other Than Sucking At Sports - I sometimes wonder why my 20 year old girlfriend still has issues to deal with in terms of convincing people that she's actually an adult. Now I get it. Kent State AD Laing Kennedy said that it was concerned about atheletes' safety (probably after the story broke about that Brooklyn guy who was conning stupid women into sending him nudie pics), since obviously, if you're 18-21, you can't handle being on a social networking site. You CAN take a bullet, however, if you were to go to war, or protest against an unjust war. My feeling is that the Athletic Director just wants to protect the safety of his job; a while back, someone leaked pictures of a hazing incident at Northwestern University which... uh, really wasn't an incident. Nevertheless, the chickenhawks in the administration decided that the best course of action was to suspend the entire team! Now, I saw the pictures here (before BadJocks took them all down, save that collage), and they weren't bad; all the women were participating willingly, and even smiling. I stress: WOMEN. No, this isn't to protect the kids (and this will be enforced by students and administrators checking the site to make sure no one has any profiles up), it's to make sure they don't have an incident by weak minded parents, screaming "PROTECT MY KIDS!", forgetting that their kids are old enough to take care of themselves; a uniform doesn't change that.

Or here's a better idea: raise your kids with enough of a sense of reality, and with enough perspective on world around them, to where they won't just throw open their legs to the first comer once they're free from their sheltered, Draconian, Hear/Speak/Say no evil upbringing, as they can finally try everything held from them at once.

- Britian Proposes Reporting Pedos to Banks; Pedos Respond "This is so frustrating, I feel like I have to go fuck an 11 year old!" - This disturbs me, mainly because I can see this happening in the United States. But then again, that wouldn't fit in with Alberto Gonzales's platform; he's too busy taking away our rights as people in the name of "PROTECTING US FROM PEDOPHILES AND TERRORISTS!", that he can't be assed to... you know... actually protect us from pedophiles and terrorists...

Now, before anyone screams "NO! THIS MEANS THAT YOU ARE PRO-CHILD FUCKER!", no, that is NOT the case; pedophiles are some of the worst people ever, and I know of which I speak. However, this passive-aggressive technique can only go so far. They already can't go anywhere without having their whereabouts reported to everyone within a miles-wide radius (Megan's Law in the US), now we're going to take away a means for them to get most financial currency? So they can't purchase kid porn online? This is dangerous; for one, trust me, if someone wants their kid porn, they can likely get it, no matter what. Secondly, I'm more worried about the fact that these people are going to face so much shit out in the "real world", even outside of prison, that they're going to snap and REALLY hurt someone.

Here's a deal for people to think of: you're saying that they're incurable. Then you have three choices: kill them, lock them up for life, or treat them like any other convicted felon; a mark on their permanent records. Either way, a felon's a felon. If we're hoping that they finally get sick of living and take the effort of killing themselves off of our hands, we're going about this the wrong way.

- Take Two Subpoenaed for Hot Coffee By Hillary Clinton; Meanwhile, Bill Clinton Gets Another Blowjob - This is like the boil that won't go away. Please, someone tell me why this is important? I could see it if, say, it was on the cover of a Disney movie, but... c'mon, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was already a "M" rated game; that's the equivalent of an "R" rating... and a HARD "R", at that! You mean to tell me it's OK for us to go around killing civilians, running organised crime gangs, and saying the word "nigger" all over the place is OK, as long as there's no nudity in it? We can control our character fucking prostitutes, but can't have a scene where he has consentual sex with someone because IT SHOWS TITTY? "Keep them away from the children!" "... They're FOR children!" (Doug Stanhope) I get it... it's OK, as long as it's not hidden?

The original mess was made because it wasn't reported to the ESRB. They have a point, but everyone else? No, this is solely to advance political careers, which is obvious, but the fact that it's WORKING is sad. Here's a question: why was Hot Coffee worthy of an "M", but a minigame in God of War is OK, even as you control the rythem of your HARDCORE THREESOME FUCKFEST, DDR-style? (BTW: there's boobies! *Watches the teenagers run off, Kleenex in hand*)

2008's going to suck, because it seems like two of the best candidates for the Democratic nomination in the Presidential Election are the people that are selling out the video game industry for said nomination... and I refuse to ever vote for either of them. That's going to suck if they go up against Bill "God's Choice" Frist. What the fuck do I do then? Write in Ross Perot again? When you're hoping for Al Gore to step in and give some reason to everyone, you're already fucked (I didn't even vote for him in 2000; I voted for Nader).

- Webzen To Sell Advertising In Games; Gamers Can't Respond Due to Large Penis in Anuses - I'm a little confused at the wording of this... are they doing the same thing that SWAT 4 did last year, where they streamed the ads in? If they're doing things more traditionally, then fine, I can live with that, and disregard my next paragraphs. If they're streaming them...

Forget the morality of forcing advertising on people weather they like it or not; if it's out of the way, fine, but SWAT 4 did it to the point where you couldn't avoid it. Let's look at logistics; that kind of constant connection to the internet is VERY bandwidth intensive. Most normal users, even on DSL or cable, can't handle that, and expect a useable internet for anything else. Due to the fact that we always use Rapidshare, and BitTorrent, and have SunRocket as our VoIP provider, we're going to have to go with a more premium service; only $20 more a month for much more bandwidth and speed, but... well, I do believe in Net Neutrality, because this can be exploited by telecommunication companies. If they're going to make it so that everyone has to absorb this advertising, which is killing bandwidth - on a server that almost always costs a monthly fee, mind you - then they're really going to price MMORPGs out of the market entirely; gamers just don't have that kind of money, and with MMORPGs becoming the major fad nowadays, mostly thanks to Final Fantasy XI and WoW, everyone's getting into them. Therefore... gamers have to choose, and more choices means a more dilluted product, less players on each server, less profit for companies, therefore... less incentive to make the games. It could theoretically kill the genre.

That's not really a big deal to me; the extent of my online gaming is on Winning Eleven or Gametap. But greed like this can only mean bad things.

(I'm making more of these entries public, as I notice more outsiders are reading this. Might as well)


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Jun. 27th, 2006 07:54 pm (UTC)
The world is going to hell in a handbasket... And not in the way that those right-winged bastards think.
Jun. 27th, 2006 09:07 pm (UTC)
I voted for Nader, too. Gore might be getting better over time, but he was being a douche back then, and I've no qualms about voting my conscience.

As for violations of Net Neutrality and the ongoing battle against (specific) video games, well, both parties now seem to have their heads so far up their own asses that they can lick their own tonsils from the back. :-( I don't know what can be done, if anything, to bring this nuttiness to a stop.
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