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So I finally made Rosa's Wiki entry. I kept it as "adminly" as possible.

I hated writing this. I tried so hard to keep things neutral that I think I intentionally watered it down too much. On the other hand, if I start writing virtol, I have a habit of not STOPPING. I'll let you guys determine weather or not this was written well enough.

I'm leaving this public because when I write about someone in a sense like this, I figure they at least have a right to know something's being written about them, and they have a right to know it first hand. At least, they have a right to have the option to find out about it first hand, instead of "oh, did you hear".


Jul. 26th, 2006 11:56 am (UTC)
One problem with that is that the FESS Administration's official stance on the whole matter is that it's not a FESS issue. Nay, other than the fact that her personal life's issues were beginning to affect her ability to do her job as a FESS moderator, we had no complaints about her as staff, until she felt it was necessary to delete her account (which was a little melo-dramatic, but to be fair, Summer handled her's worse). If that was the case, her wiki entry would have reflected it, and really, this entry wouldn't be necessary to begin with; compare her entry to Cap's, and you'll see what I mean, as I wrote them both.

No, the problems you might have read about are strictly personal matters, and 95% of them happened after she had permanently left FESS. They didn't affect "Superbus" as much as they did "Chris Bowen", if that makes any sense. Some of them go on to this day, but only from people close to her; in other words, a friend inside that clique will fire a salvo at my friend... but carefully hidden inside a snarky, bitchy LJ profile, or from an RP account, or behind filtered entries. That is why 1) I felt the need to make this entry, and 2) I have absolutely no qualms in talking about this subject in public, for the world to see (and for those crying "drama!", I have zero emotional attachment to this entry; if everyone else wants to turn it into drama, fine with me, I couldn't care less).

To shorten my point into a little bullet-point, "Superbus", FESS Admin, thinks Rosa was a very good member who made an immediate impact that lasts to this day. "Christopher Bowen", the guy you all see in these LJ entries and that some people know on a personal basis, hates her guts - especially for what she did to one particular friend - and wouldn't bat an eyelash if he found out she had died in a car crash. And that... is a sad statement on many levels.
Jul. 26th, 2006 06:26 pm (UTC)

I can grasp the official point of view. The 'ficcer in question did have a major role in establishing the pre-Rekka 'fic community, and it does seem that no permanent harm was done to FESS. In that sense, 'tis but a ripple in the pond.

However, personally, I find the behavior of that individual deplorable and 99% counter to everything that I represent as a 'ficcer. I have zero tolerance for that sort of drama in 'fic communities. Thankfully, I do not foresee that sort of thing happening again.

^_^; I'm sorry for eating up so much of your LJ space with this discussion, 'Bus. (And sorry about the bold; I've fixed it.)