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Musings about the London terror plot.

Sorakh says that I'm "better than Dane Cook" when it comes to scathing comedy. Now, normally, that would be more of an insult thna a compliment to me (as I hate Dane Cook, and think he's a fake, corporate whore that can't do anything even remotely original), but she loves him, so I took it for the intended compliment it was. That got me thinking, I think it's time I start organizing some of the shit I randomly think of, and see if I can get a real skit out of it. My problem is I think of shit off the top of my head, but I can't remember half the shit I say - at least in it's original form - the next day, or even after going to another train of thought. I've been getting better at writing a lot of my thoughts down - usually here or on my FESS Blog - before I forget them, so all I really have to do is organize them. The fact that my stuff sometimes comes across better audibly than on paper helps.

What would you all want to hear should I perform an "act"? Anything you've read here, anything I've posted in a comment somewhere, anything you might have read at FESS, anything I might have said on AIM, etc. Help me out, I've got at least a half hour of good comedy just floating around the internet, and just need to pull it together, tie it up with silly string, and speak it. If I can throw some good shit together, I might try an open mic.

EDIT: So far, here's what I'm thinking of just off the top of my head:

- A skit about Canada, American perception of Canada, and how Canadians are treated by your average, dumb American.
- Some musings about how scared people are of technology.
- My own personal experiences with 9/11 (more into "spoken word" territory, that one; that one will also be blogged soon, hopefully before all the Five Year Anniversary(TM) hysteria kicks into gear), and how America is still apeshit over it because the media and government want us to be.
- A beautiful piece about comparisons between our own Theocratic government (Christianity based) vs. the Middle East's (Muslim based), how both governments basically take a massive shit on the books that their religions are based on, and the fact that at least Allah is telling their people to go out and DO shit, compared to America's. It has to be heard to be believed... that said, I don't think I'll be performing it in the South.
- A piece on the blatant hypocracy of us wanting to "negotiate" with Hezbolah, despite their sworn goal in life and death being the abolishment of the state of Israel and the wiping of the Jews off the face of the Earth, and yet wanting to hang Mel Gibson for making his statement about Jews while drunk.