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More Superbusnet.com shit.

I changed the layout for Superbusnet. It's a downloaded theme, but I like it; it's understated, which I can't say for a lot of the shit that I see nowadays. And it's not as BRIGHTFUCKINGBLUE as the last layout was. XD

Also, I added links to ACTIVE Superbusnet.com sites. That means I added... three sites, them being EFED, Cris's Lanzenritter and DTN's Icy Flames. Anyone that was planning on making a site but is "under construction", if you want to be listed, make some notable content. I might make another links section with other links, like for FESS, IP, etc.

I also added a category called "Smart People". This is for guys on LJ that stand out for whatever reason. To have made this list, a used a few criteria:

- The person does the primary portion of their blogging in public entries. That eliminated samuraiter and kyuusei. :(
- The person stands out in some way, shape or form as exceptional in a specific genre, such as fanfiction or politics or whatever. That took out a few people, including my girlfriend.
- The person has a professional-ish website. That applied to one person.

Just one thing that people NEED to know: I used real names with only one exception (mel_makoro, and that's more or less because even I don't know what her real name is. XD). If that is a problem, tell me ASAP. The people that's relevant to are alexlucard, hezul, bardiche, and dmajohnson.

Finally, I've added in a lot of my old FESS entries. That's good for people that don't - or can't, in the case of someone like Josh - read my FESS entries, or even know what FESS is.


Sep. 27th, 2006 11:42 pm (UTC)
Trust me; I have no problems with the online world knowing only my initials (I actually prefer it that way). That said, though... isn't it kind of pointless to link to my LJ since all but maybe four of my entries are friends only? :X