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OK, so now that a 15 year old has shot his principle in Wisconsin (where, let's face it, there's nothing else to do), I'm waiting to see which video game and or music group gets blamed.

Just once, ONCE, I want to see someone completely out of the blue get cited. Instead of GTA or 50 Cent's shitty game or Maralyn Manson or Judas Priest, change things up a little bit.

"Why? Why did you shoot those people!?" "Because John Tesh wanted me to!"

"Today, someone went in, raped 50 girls, and shot all the lunch ladies. When asked why he did it, experts stated that the real culprit was Bear in the Big Blue House..."

Can you imagine someone picketing the Bear in the Big Blue House studio? Or calling for the head of John Tesh? Not only can I, but I've been calling for John Tesh's head for years now. XD


Sep. 29th, 2006 08:55 pm (UTC)
LOL, Bus. XD