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For anyone wondering why I'm still with Dreamhost... they just DOUBLED MY STORAGE AND BANDWIDTH.

I now have 412GB available. And it goes up 2GB a month. Jesus H. Christ Esq~

Therefore, anyone that has an SBNet.com account for whatever reason - a site, storage, etc. - and needs the additional space (anyone that's around 10% or more of used quota) got SIGNIFICANTLY upgraded!

This affects the following:

Eaichu250: 20GB --> 82.3GB (absolute maximum allowed)
Togekid: 2GB --> 20GB
Neonclover: 3GB --> 20GB
DTN: 2.5GB --> 25GB
Whatever Samantha is calling herself this week: 5GB --> 50GB
Kyuusei: 1GB --> 15GB
SaraJaye: 2.5GB --> 25GB
Lensterknight: 4GB --> 60GB
Laylea: 1GB --> 15GB

People that had maximum storage before (basically, my aunt, mother and girlfriend) still have said storage, being 82.3GB.



Oct. 4th, 2006 06:10 am (UTC)
Dreamhost was nice when they weren't dicking us. We had their most expensive account, and when we hit our max bandwidth, instead of shutting off our site [like our new provider does], they just charged us for more bandwidth.

lacus got the bill one month, and we owed like $575 in overused bandwidth. It was insane. We switched to uh, whoever is hosting us now and haven't had that issue since? XD

Granted! I also shut down Hot Limit, which was what was using up 200 gigs of bandwidth every three weeks.
Oct. 4th, 2006 05:38 pm (UTC)
You know what I went through, then!

Ever hear of CPU minutes? I hadn't either, despite reading their documentation TWICE, once when I set up SBNet.com and once when I set up Velthomer for the FESS site. I set up our site and forums, no problem. Then, I was being told that we were three times over our CPU minute limit of 40 a day (meaning the CPU of the server works on our domain/directory 40 minutes a day), and if we didn't get it down to below 40, they would move us to an evaluation server, which would involve two days of DNS rerouting and severely degraded performance. We had to move our message board right back to Invisionfree until they abolished their CPU minute policy.