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For anyone wondering why I'm still with Dreamhost... they just DOUBLED MY STORAGE AND BANDWIDTH.

I now have 412GB available. And it goes up 2GB a month. Jesus H. Christ Esq~

Therefore, anyone that has an SBNet.com account for whatever reason - a site, storage, etc. - and needs the additional space (anyone that's around 10% or more of used quota) got SIGNIFICANTLY upgraded!

This affects the following:

Eaichu250: 20GB --> 82.3GB (absolute maximum allowed)
Togekid: 2GB --> 20GB
Neonclover: 3GB --> 20GB
DTN: 2.5GB --> 25GB
Whatever Samantha is calling herself this week: 5GB --> 50GB
Kyuusei: 1GB --> 15GB
SaraJaye: 2.5GB --> 25GB
Lensterknight: 4GB --> 60GB
Laylea: 1GB --> 15GB

People that had maximum storage before (basically, my aunt, mother and girlfriend) still have said storage, being 82.3GB.



Oct. 4th, 2006 11:56 pm (UTC)
Ah...I still have to do that - though it'd be too late for most of the emails I would've wanted to save [namely the ones you sent me in China oh wait, sent message folder...but it's not quite the same... :(] ;_;

You know how I am about asking for things, but...I'd really like that, actually. my harddrive - and me, of course! - thanks you XD