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Oct. 27th, 2006

"Ugh... I wish I had better news for you kid, but that's a spun bearing. I can feel it in the drippan. It could blow up on you tomorrow, it could last two years. It could go 5 miles of 5,000 miles. I don't know. But it's definately in the engine".

That was my uncle, describing my car's engine rattling. We were praying it was a torque convertor, but no luck. It's most likely that bearing, which is causing rod rattle.

Let me explain this for anyone on my list that's not mechanically inclined (basically, anyone not named recession): that bearing he's talking about keeps the piston rod in place. If it's spun off, and is sitting in the drip pan, that means the piston has too much room, and as it goes up - especially when it's cold, or idling - it's going to shake, and rattle. And it's eventually going to crack, and when that happens, it's going to take the engine block eventually. From there, if the engine still starts, it will crack the head gasket. That's going to allow anti-freeze to leak into the oil pan, which is going to create friction on the rest of the rods... of course, by then, with only four cylinders in my car, it's most likely dead by then.

Layman's terms: my car is a ticking time bomb. Reffing will kill it; chances are good that it's seen the Massachusets border for the last time, and the next time I'm due up north (looking at Mid-November), it might be toast by then. The positive news is that I can still use the train, I believe; Ai would know more about that then I would, up there. But it's an option.

Either way, the death of my car makes me very non-plussed, especially as this is a relatively new engine.

In other news, I attack the Salem-like atmousphere that's become problematic in sports lately with drug testing in this article, which talks about the aquittal of Jan Ulrich. Hopefully, this will be better received than my last one, I don't THINK there is anyone on my list that has been directly affected by some baseball player hitting homeruns...


Oct. 28th, 2006 04:22 am (UTC)
Personally, I love their look, but the safety issue and practicality has always bugged me.