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Not quite Net-worthy, but...


This is sickening. Think about this: it's one thing to molest a child that young... but to STREAM it? Not only am I glad that he's in jail, but I'm also elated that they got the girl out of there, and even MORE elated to think that someone that brash about it is off the streets. But what scares me is that they can't identify HIM to protect HER identity. That's a family member...

I know I love Canada because it's such a lovely, liberal state, but let's face it: there's no reason why they shouldn't shoot this guy in the back of the head. None. Just pull the trigger. Or better yet, give me the gun, I'll pull the trigger.

Furthermore... I'd hate to have a job like that. I know these cops are all wonderful people and do tremendous work, but can you imagine seeing that? Can you imagine seeing just the images... let alone the fact of knowing that IT IS HAPPENING AT THAT MOMENT? I can handle a lot of things in life, but that... I don't think I can handle that. TI'd literally ache for every single child I saw. My sex drive would also be non-existant, I'd bet. How do you see shit like that and then go home to fuck your wife? I'd be a nervous wreck, I'd need to be consoled on a nightly basis.

Det. Consolate Paul Krawczyk has my applause. He also has my deepest sympathies.

EDIT: Speaking of Canada, I'm getting a little tired of everyone being in such a hurry to fuck one another politically. The NDP recently thought about putting forth a "no confidence" vote on Harper if they didn't get some sort of environmental bill, and in another area, an NDP election is said, by them, to prove that liberals are "useless" in Canadian politics now. When did this start? Was this all just a cause of the Sponsorship Scandal? Willfor, what the fuck is going on up there?!


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Nov. 3rd, 2006 07:00 pm (UTC)
Every single party other than the Conservatives hate the Conservative's environment bill, and have been blocking it from going to a vote. Out of a kind of spite, all the other parties are blocking EVERY OTHER kind of legislation going before the house, including the justice legislation to be tougher on violent and (ironically) sexual offenders. Nothing at all is being done in terms of governing because of the environment issues.

I could say a vote of no confidence wasn't a bad thing per se, as all it does is take the government to an election, but in all the times it's been used, the person in power has always needed about 30 years to get their careers back. (read, Joe Clark)

Also, the senate (most of whom were appointed during the liberal's time in office) have been holding up the accountability legislation, which would do a good number on making sure another sponsorship scandle couldn't happen without serious consequences.

As long as they get the right leader (a left leader) I think the Liberals will have a decent shot at not being useless. Michael Ignatieff is more right wing than the other contenders for leadership, so the NDP will have a chance to make the Liberals look useless, as they can just say "If you are a Liberal voter, this man could almost be a Conservative, so why bother voting for him?" All the other contenders for leadership won't have that problem as much.

If the Liberals can get through the fact that they're having serious financial problems at the moment, and use a good smear campaign, I think they may be able to secure themselves a nice minority government in the next election.
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