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Now for the GOOD news...

This week wasn't all shit and splendour; I basically cleaned house in the videogame market.

The tally for the week:

* Guitar Hero II, PS2 - Of course I love this game; the first one was awesome, and this one - though it's basically more of a really expensive add-on than a real sequel - is even more awesome. Overall, I don't know what I think of the soundtrack I've heard so far - some decent songs, but no real favourites, and whoever did the cover for "Mother" deserves to die a slow, painful death in front of their children - but I'm intensely glad they made the game harder. And some of those hidden tracks are just a bitch.

* Final Fantasy III DS - I heard that Square had turned the idea of the Onion Kids into "Freelancers", and changed the story slightly, and got dismayed; what, did they make it pathetically easy, too? For those unaware, instead of starting out with four identical people that you can name, you start out with a character, Fag1, who falls into the cave himself, but when he gets out and is told that he was The Chosen or some shit, he meets up with his bestest friend, Fag2. Fag2 beats Fag1 to the next town, and tells him there that he needs to be as strong as Fag1, and begs Fag1 to take Fag2 with him. Basically, this makes these two the Leaf and Asvel of the Final Fantasy world. After this, they go to find an airship, which just happens to be occupied by Butch, who, as the only female, is the most masculine of your party members. She then accompanies you to a castle, where you try to break the curse that has befallen everyone, and take on Fag4, the seme of the group (not counting Butch). I know the characters have real names and all that, but bullshit; these names are much more accurate.

With all this, they did cater to their normal fanbase, that being 15 year old female slash writers. However, with all that work catering to their dominating dynamic, these little girls, who got into RPGs because "Squall was so DREAMY~", are going to run screaming once they see the difficulty. In that sense, this is a straight port of the old NES game; no prisoners taken, you take one wrong step, and bang, you're fucking dead. Newbies, expect to have to do this thing, we used to call it "level grinding" back in the day. This is when you wander around aimlessly, looking for things to kill until your level goes up. It's kinda boring, but worth it in the long run. What's that? Oh, you want a tutorial? And five battles to increase your level? Why couldn't they do with this what they did with FF1 in Dawn of Souls? Well, fuck off, because you're not getting it here. The difficulty has a steep curve, but I'm an old schooler, I can handle it.

This looks like a decent game, but I also expect it to piss me off in some form sooner or later. Though I'm interested to see how the WiFi works for this.

* Super Mario 64 DS - This was a purchase that I've been wanting to make for awhile, but didn't want to pay full price for. So I waited and waited for the price to come down, but it never did, and finally, I broke down and bought it at WalMart. I expect to see this game in a used bin in a Blockbuster somewhere for $5, at which point I will cry like a bitch.

* Children of Mana - This one's the risky pick; it didn't review well at IP, and I'm not a fan of Sword of Mana (I prefer the original GB game), but Samantha loves it. Then again, I'm quite sure that Samantha is a sucker for the look of the game, so who knows... either way, it beat out Megaman ZX and Pokemon Ranger; I figured for Megaman, I'd beat the seven versions of X and few versions of regular that I haven't beaten yet. As for Ranger, I wanted to go back and re-read Alex's review of it to see if it would suit my style of gameplay; from what I saw initially, it reminded me too much of Lost Magic, which was a travesty.

As for IP, I'm expecting my review of Football Manager to go up soon, if it's not up already (I try not to go there unless there's a known good article up, like one of Mark's, as Alex posts his stuff to LJ; I hate going to that site, because of the popups, cookies, and ads). Tomorrow, I hope to have my article comparing the Wii's VC to the emulation market up. After that, just have to finish the Castlevania articles.


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Nov. 21st, 2006 02:36 am (UTC)
I know you ain't talking about my ass, ain't nothin' I write any good.

Even so, I just finished one. Maybe, if I get bored, I'll do another. You will love them, and hug them, and call them George.

Or not.
Nov. 21st, 2006 06:21 am (UTC)
Why would you want Super Mario 64 DS?

It's not really that great and the controls are kinda clunky. :/

Children of many was basiclly panned in nearly every website on the internet. D:
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