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I am oh-so-good at railing against authority

This latest quote comes from Alex Lucard's latest post:

As some of you have noticed though, LJabuse is watching my friend’s list like paranoid nutjobs, so just a head’s up.

This is humourous. Just the mere fact that I had to get that from a syndicated LJ feed - and not from his journal - speaks volumes to major problems. Anyone going to check out the alexlucard journal will notice that it is deleted/suspended. It has been suspended for awhile now, and repeatedly, at that.

Why, you ask? Because he gave away "PERSONAL INFORMATION OMG!" about one Sean Manchester.

Sean Manchester, for people that either aren't British, or don't dabble in the criminally insane, is a vampire hunter. You heard me right, a fucking vampire hunter. Simon Belmont type shit. We're almost in 2007, and we have vampire hunters still. And why did he mention Sean Manchester by name? Because Sean Manchester is hunting Alex Lucard. Like, with garlic and stakes and shit; the Silver Bullet isn't just a moniker of a beer brand, or a collection of rock gods fronted by Bob Segar! This guy - in his 60s - swears that Alexander Lucard is a vampire, telling me that he took Alex's writings on the occult seriously, or really believed that he is the son of Dracula and railed against his father, as portrayed in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. Hey, I'm as out of ideas on this as anyone. By the way, this vampire that he's got such a hard-on for? He's a Jew. Does that mean instead of sucking up blood, that he sucks up off-shore bank accounts? XD

Apparently, this Sean Manchester has been up his ass for a very long time, since he started getting published. This is humourous, and a little bit sad. So Alex mentioned this guy by name; after all, he's somewhat famous in the vampire hunting community, being assumably the only one left to be that nuts. So Sean Manchester... complained to Livejournal about this, calling it a violation of the personal information aspects of thier TOS.

Now, while I can see this being put in place for people that like to hide their true identities online, I could understand it. I have at least five people on my FL who's real names I know, but in addition to that, want to make sure that I don't give their names out to anyone else. I accept this, thank them for their trust in me, and adhere to the simple request that they gave, no problems. Those people, they would feel violated if I mentioned their names in public. Sean Manchester, however, does not have that luxury.

To prove this, I decided to Google up Sean Manchester. Right off the bat, I noitced something... I only had to put in a few letters before my handy Firefox toolbar gave me some suggestions, as shown in this screenshot:

Notice how quickly that took? But that's OK, after all, it's very possible that it could be another Sean Manchester. But I'm an exceptionally fast typist, so putting in the rest of his name took about a quarter of a second... and I was shocked to learn that maybe Sean Manchester didn't have a leg to stand on after all...

So it wasn't an accident! Those three entries? All had the words "Vampire" or "Hunter" in them. I couldn't even say it was an accident on sheer force of sarcasm any longer.

So I click on just Sean Manchester. The name sounds inherently British, right? I'm sure there's a good thousand or so Sean Manchesters running around England, some with some level of fame, right? Hell, I'm sure there's one in Leeds that has a bitchin' bakery, or another one in London that runs a cricket website, or maybe one in Preston-super-Mare that's a noted dentist... no, wait, that's not possible, all British people have fucked up teeth.

Nope. Every single one refers to Bishop Sean Manchester, who founded the Vampire Research Society in 1970. He's got a bio, articles about him, Wikipedia articles that mention him repeatedly by name... he's even a published author! And there's more and more references to him on the following pages of that Google Search.

As a matter of fact, if you have a Google Fight between Sean Manchester and Alex Lucard... it's not even competetive.

Yet, somehow, LJ Abuse saw grounds to suspend Alex's journal... the journal of a paid user. He eventually got it back, but just had it suspended again. This is actually a little bit embarrasing for me. You see, back in early March, I applied for LJ Abuse. This was not out of respect for the quality of their work; rather, it was more or less because I acknowledged that they were incompetant morons, but felt that their endeavour was noble, and that I could help fix it; I intended to do for LJ Abuse what I did for not only FESS, but the entire Fire Emblem fandom. I knew - and know - that if I got in there, things would improve, because I am not short for not only competance, but confidence at that. Naturally, everyone warned me that it was a mistake; my girlfriend chided me, Gunny warned me that they were consistently in the wrong, and everyone else basically said the same things I already knew: they were nothing but dramawhore teenagers, the kind you see on Fanfic Rants all the time. No problem, I felt, so was FESS. But I heard nothing, until I got a boiler plate email response from Denise Paolucci, saying that I was not accepted due to lack of spots, but that I could always reapply in a year. Hey Denise, would that be a year from when I applied in March, or when you finally got around to sending me your fucking email, which was November 30th? Also, how the hell did someone with administrative experience, and a military background, get rejected over some of those emotards? If I didn't know that they were incompetant to begin with, then I'd be insulted.

After this, I'm running on hearsay, but I'd say it's coming from a reliable source. Naturally, this upset Alex. He decided to contact Six Apart, and yell at them that he was suspended without reason; he was speaking to someone on the phone, who was British, and had actually heard of Sean Manchester! So Six Apart told LJ Abuse to cut the shit, and unsuspend Alex.

LJ Abuse told them to go fuck themselves. What the hell!?

For weeks, this has been going on; this is nothing more than a war of attrition, with someone on that team obviously having a hardon, not necessarilly for justice, but to make sure that they get their way. It just seems like someone out there thinks that they're in the right, and is going to doggedly stick to their guns, despite evidence that they are not only in the wrong for suspending him in the first place, but obviously have made this a personal crusade.

This is very wrong, naturally; the LJ Abuse team has one job, and one job only: to protect it's members from abuse by other members. Abuse would be threatening people, or hacking them, or otherwise personally infringing on their rights. This does not qualify. And furthermore, their insistance that a paid member with a good record should be suspended or deleted, and possibly have their reputation - important for someone published like Alex - harmed... that's simply too much. This looks like something you'd see on a small message board run by teenagers, where they get someone they don't like and go out of their way to make a person look bad simply because they don't like them.

The quoted line above is what set me over the edge. LJ Abuse have powers to read past friends locks and privacy locks; you mean to tell me they'd suspend me over that? Or someone else for going against the word of Mein Fuhrer? I do not approve of fascism.

So I'm leaving this nice and open, in public, for everyone to see. Sean Manchester is a obsessed kook that would not have one ounce of credibility were he not an ordained Bishop of a religion that's fucked to begin with. And LJ Abuse is even worse off than it's been before; their management is incompetant, their members are at best naive and at worst hypocritical assholes with a Napoleon Complex, and they have forever ruined their reputation to the point where I will never respect one person on their team until there is a vast and thorough turnover of both management and people.

I realise I've put those idiots in a quandry; on the one hand, I've personally implicated Denise Paolucci as being incompetant and lazy, used Sean Manchester's name and resume against him, and generally been a naughty boy. On the other hand... I'm a permanent account holder ($150) who was paid beforehand ($50 total) that just sunk $225 into paid account gifts, in addition to the $370 I sunk in last year. That's $795 total in two years.

If they suspend me, they'll have suspended another member in their ongoing quest to supress and censor anyone that has a dissenting, even inflamitory, opinion of them and the things that they do or say. On the other hand, if I'm left alone, it not only implicates them for being lazy and not doing their homework, but it also goes to show that the social structure of Livejournal members - Permies and Early Adopters being at the very top - is more than just a social anomoly pointed out on places like Encyclopedia Dramatica; it's a business model, and would show an incredible lack of backbone.

The clock's ticking, Denise. You already got my friend and editor. What are you going to do about me?

Tick tock. Tick tock.

EDIT: It should be noted that Six Apart has permanently banned Alex. Completely; they pulled a "refusal of service" on him, and made him sign a Nondisclosure Agreement.

That's pretty fucking low, guys. Now I'm gunning for you.

OK guys, everyone that's been linked here? Spread the word! I see Steve's started already. Someone inform Mr. Islam, too. He should get a kick out of this.
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