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I just checked out our staff board. It seems like Widro wants to keep me on the staff as a commentary writer, as long as I can do it weekly for six months.

I'm... not sure about this. On the one hand, one column a week isn't half bad, and I really want to support Alex; I'd hate to prove him right. On the other, I hate writing to a schedule (and the thought of keeping a name for my column doesn't sit well with me), and I'm not fond of Widro, despite his sterling intentions. He's a nice guy, but I am not fond of all the cookies, popups, browser crashing banner ads, Furthermore, he's embarking on a hiring spree for our section, and I'm worried about taking just any jackass off the street; I'm an elitest prick by nature, and I stuck around at IP because writing with Alex, Mark, Tom and Samu was an honour; not one writer in that group who even rates as anything as low as "above average", and being rated in with them was awesome. Just the new guys we have now are not only not very good, but they have an inflated sense of self-worth; they think they're God's gift to literacy, when in fact they are below average writers. The thought of more people like them is not enticing. Oh, and Mark's leaving, too.

That said, I do think I owe it to the site to at least give this new way of doing things a chance. Maybe reviews get more hits than commentary and news posts (though I never had my question answered as to which of my articles had the highest hit count), but my articles almost always get the forums ablaze, something not easy to do when we're, at heart, a wrestling site that happens to write about other shit (though not particularly well; outside the games section, the only people I rate as good writers are Scott Keith, Summer, and Steve Price in Tailgate Crashers. Eric S. is a dick, and Hyatte is Hyatte. Everyone else is varying degrees of "who gives a shit", or I haven't read). I'm not sure.

Left open because I'd like to hear Alex's thoughts, and I think I've got a few IP guys that have friended me, I'd like to hear what they think, too.


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Jan. 18th, 2007 07:52 pm (UTC)
IMO, 'Bus, you're being too lenient. Mr. Lucard (who hired me)? On the way out. Mr. Mark (who helped me)? On the way out. (If Mr. Tom is Furyk, he has been rather quiet through the most recent changes.) If you stay at IP, it may come down to you carrying that whole section on your shoulders. I know that you are big on saving problem cases and turning impossible things around, but you have to draw a line. If you, Furyk, and myself turn out to be the only bright bulbs in the box, any good we do for IP will be drowned out. ... I will wait to see what Widro hires, but I doubt my good faith will extend beyond that. If I am going to write, I have to make sure it is worth my time (especially since this position is unpaid).
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