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Apparently, I'm a paedophile.

That's what Absolute Zero United says.

Funny, huh? I'm a grown man that has a 21 year old girlfriend and no intention to touch anyone else of either gender of any age, and I'm a paedo. Why?

Thoughtcrime, homey!

Let's see why I all of a sudden like to fuck little kids:

Some people wonder what AZ and the other ANTI blogs do besides writing about pedofreaks on our blogs. One thing we do is monitor these blogger sites like Live Journal. We watch these perverts invading spaces that kids hang out. We watch them spouting off pedo-crap, puffing each other up with pedo-pride and above all LYING. We work to rid the internet of these dangerous places. Sometimes they go down fast and easy, other times it takes a bit of creativity. But, like I always say "there's more than one way to skin a cat"

Take a look at some recent fallen Live Journals, several communities as well. Live Journal finally snapped to attention and decided to be responsible. Yeah, pedo blogs are dropping like flies over on Live Journal.


And to all you nodding pedoheads responding on WFI with statements like:

Its a free world! If a person do not want to view those contents they do not have to go into the site. Just because you guys do not like it does not mean the whole world doesn't. please respect other people's interest and choices


I suppose it's a lot easier to crusade around having fanfiction groups deleted off LJ than it is to contribute time and effort to groups that are trying to change laws and actually...you know. Protect children.


Freedom of speech should always trump over zealous fanaticism like this site's.


You do realize that by deleting their LJs and letting them know they're watched, the REAL criminals are only going to be more careful next time.


Words on a page don't hurt people. People hurt people. And you, my friends, are hurting people by taking away their freedom to write the fiction they please


As much as I have deep problems with pedophilia, I have even deeper problems with people who trample freedom of speech as easily as you do. Do you ever give the consequences of your actions any thought?

Every single one of you are indeed pedophiles. Nasty, filthy, stinking pedophiles. You all preface your statements with "I'm not a pedophile myself BUT"

The truth of the matter is that the only person who would value free speech more than the safety of a child is a person who WA LA endangers children. You're all clueless and every single one of these statements prove it.

So, like I said to ZLurker once upon a time..........keep watching.

Are you watching?

Wow... where's an alter boy and a butt plug when I need one?

But I'm not a paedophile. I have no interest in children. I've never had interest in children. I'm not even what some people (read: right wing, moronic, ignorant hatemongering nutjobs who cite the bible without ever actually understanding it's meaning) would consider impure or deviant (read: homosexual). I'm a typical, straight-shooting, straight-fucking white man. A "typical" American.

I also know a lot of people that are not paedophiles. They do things like roleplaying. Roleplaying is much like acting, in a way... and sometimes, you're not going to get perfect parts. You sometimes have to play the parts of people that you don't like... like paedophiles. it's an art, and part of human existance - in it's most ethereal form - is the understanding of everything and everyone around you. It is ignorant folly to put blinders on just simply because you don't LIKE something. Whoever said ignorance was bliss was too stupid to know better.

Unfortunately, Six Apart - the company that bought out Livejournal - doesn't know better. They went on what can only be called a blanket-deleting/suspending spree. They did get a lot of legitimately bad accounts or troll accounts; that I understand. But they killed roleplayers and communities. They killed support groups. They essentially told a lot of their user base to go fuck itself. This was due to outside pressure from a group called Warriors for Innocence.

This was a decision made by two principle parties: a large corporation named Six Apart that cares infinitely more about it's bottom line than it does about 50 or so accounts (out of 13 million), and LJ Abuse, a group of individuals that are horrifically incompetent and massively overwhelmed to handle even the simplest issues. Six Apart doesn't want to deal with pressure from outside groups because negative publicity to their sites equals potentially negative cash flow. If it comes between making an easy decision that is questionable from a logistic standpoint, or holding firm on something and risking losing revenue, they're going to take the former option, 9 times out of 10, unless the PR hit in relation to the decision would hurt their bottom line in the long run. It's about the black for any company, and SA is no exception (even though it's privately owned; no shareholders to worry about, I don't think). That's why this was done the way it was, even as comical as it was. What the fuck did they do? Get a list of "bad" words, grep each one on every SQL server, and then rm -rl? Jesus, how sloppy.

As for the incompetence of LJ Abuse? I refer you to the Alex Lucard vs. Sean Manchester issue.

Now, I notice some people are attacking Warriors for Innocence (WFI) for this. You're attacking the wrong people. I believe Sues when she says that she didn't "get" the LJ accounts deleted, and that she's even a little perturbed over how it was pulled off. To me, they thought something was very wrong, and have repeatedly brought it up to Six Apart. That's their rights as citizens of America, Land of the Free (supposedly). And while users shouldn't expect total freedom of speech in an environment sponsored by a corporation - something my friend Ed Ropple likes to remind me of - the way this was done is very sloppy for such a large corporation, and even treads into legal waters considering the fact that I'm willing to bet that some of those accounts/communities were paid users. They could lose money over an "oopsie". If I got caught up in an "oopsie", I'd lose my entire investment in Livejournal... an investment that I made before Six Apart became involved.

In concluding this particular point, I'll state that this wasn't a case of a hostile takeover by a group of right-wing, Bible-thumping zealots (I don't even think the group really has religious ties, at least not on their site), this was instead an assasination of common sense by a corporation with dollar signs in it's eyes. And it is very telling that the only "official" word about this was to CNet, and NOT Livejournal users on Livejournal. I also find irony that most of the people that were shedding emo tears over the thought of Six Apart taking over Livejournal and possibly raising prices are now blaming the wrong people when Six Apart commits it's first major corporate mistake since taking over.

Now, that said, I do think there's an issue with this vigilante style of justice I'm seeing. The same style of vigilante justice that I quoted up above in the beginning of this post.

See, WFI don't disturb me here. They seem like any other special interest group that's got one particular subject. I'm more concerned about Pedo Blog Tracker, which is listing every deleted LJ, regardless of what the intent of the LJ/community really was. This is guilt-by-association. It doesn't matter that some of those might be false positives, or what the individual situation of every journal is; if you're deleted, you're guilty, and you're "scum", or a "pedo", and this person takes great pride in what he thinks is a righteous crusade. Who cares if a few dolphins get stuck in the proverbial net? Those tuna want to fuck little Timmy!

There's a key word in that last statement: WANT. I was talking with my girlfriend the other night when I made a poignant point: I want to know what the ratio is of people that have urges to have intercourse with children (I say "children" meaning "wanting to fuck a hot girl and finding out she's 15 does not make you a paedophile) to the people that are predators. I realize this statistic would be impossible to get accurate, but the fact of the matter is that not everyone who is a paedophile is a predator; come to think of it, I'm willing to bet the predators are in the vast minority. However, we're naturally defendant of our children in society, especially nowadays when we think they can do no wrong, and to even imply that someone wants to do something is enough to give a death sentence to most people. You know, to "protect" the children. Homophobes use that kind of reasoning when beating the shit out of homosexuals; to them, being a homosexual means that the person in question wants to fuck to fuck them in the ass with a penis or a strap-on, no ifs, ands or buts. It's bad for them, and it's bad for paedophobes, too.

We, both as a society and as a system of law, cannot punish someone simply because of what they think; we need to punish them for their actions. Yes, you could stop a few incidents if you decide to round up everyone with a net, but how many false positives are you going to have? "Well, if it protects one child, it's worth it", I can hear some of you saying. Hold up! What about the false positives? Aren't they victims too? To steal a line from Bill Maher, what about the Veterans of Childhood? Once you cross that line, you start down a very slippery slope that's hard to pull up from. Once you start down that path, you edge dangerously close to the era of Thoughtcrime that Orwell envisioned.

I am a victim of a paedophilic predator. I was raped when I was 10 or 11 years old. Those images, that feeling of helplessness, that mental and physical pain, everything about that day haunts me to this day, almost seventeen years later, and they will haunt me until I join my assailant, Jon Secere, in the ground upon my death (Jon died sometime around 1998, I believe). It took me fourteen years to even tell my MOTHER about that, and even longer to be able to tell my closest friends about not only the incident, but the fears I had about my masculinity and sexuality for the entirety of my pubescent life, even into my early 20s. I came out to my friends on LJ earlier this year about it, and this is the first time I've felt ready to discuss it 100% publically. If ANYONE is averse to the thought of a grown man having sex with a child, BELIEVE ME, it's me.

But if Jon had kept his urges to himself, or at least not acted on them, it would have been no skin off my back. That's something we need to keep in mind. Vigilante justice is only right to the vigilantes, and pitchforks and torches are best left for their intended uses: bailing hay and lighting dark areas Let's leave them there.


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May. 31st, 2007 04:33 am (UTC)
SA should really think before they delete. Maybe LOOK at a journal that happens to have 'lolita' as an interest. Could be a guy who faps off to little girls, could be a guy who loved the book by the Russian author. If it's the latter, LEAVE IT ALONE.

Mistakes are being made all around and frankly, I'm getting sick of all the panic and blame and shrieking. It's another one of those cases where the actual goings-on don't bug you as much as the fact that people are making such a big deal of it.
May. 31st, 2007 04:35 am (UTC)
Then people would bitch that their privacy is being invaded by Six Apart. :|
May. 31st, 2007 04:38 am (UTC)
...good point. :/
May. 31st, 2007 04:38 am (UTC)
It's a battle that can't be won, because in the end you wont be able to make everyone happy.
May. 31st, 2007 04:40 am (UTC)

I've been following this all day, and my opinion of LJ/Six Apart is steadily moving downhill the longer we go without an official statement -- here, on LJ, not via the media on some other site.

And I'm certainly not pleased with the failure to find the line between fiction and reality that I've been seeing in how this entire affair is being handled.
May. 31st, 2007 04:40 am (UTC)
That post you pasted is outrageous.

They did an excellent job of making themselves look stupid by immediately assuming anyone who disagrees with them is a pedophile.

That alone makes me much angrier than the entirety of the deleting spree. I hate people who accuse without proof.
May. 31st, 2007 05:59 pm (UTC)
Hi. I saw your /. post. Just thought I'd point out that Sues is also on the list of contributors to Absolute Zero United and Pedo Blog Tracker - in fact, there are a number of related blogs with some (or even all) of the contributors in common.
May. 31st, 2007 10:20 pm (UTC)
Joel's Army V.2?
May. 31st, 2007 08:01 pm (UTC)

Vigilantism is only cool when it's Charles Bronson in one of his Death Wish movies. Stuff like the post you paste is ... blargh.
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