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Common enemies fight each other and learn to hate each other with equal fire.

But one things always bonds common enemies: respect.

It's that respect that can make the more reasonable among us - the true warriors, the fans - ignore our mutual hatred and loathing of each other to offer condolences when hard times befall our enemies. Constant fighting breeds a mutual, sometimes grudging respect for one another that wants one side to see the other side at it's fullest and most able; after all, when you beat your enemy, if they're not at their best, was it really a victory?

This is one of those times when I must offer my heartfelt feelings to my enemies...

My condolences, Calgary Flames fans. I am deeply sorry your team is about to hire Mike Keenan. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.


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Jun. 15th, 2007 12:54 am (UTC)
Flames Hire Keenan
My God did you feel that? The earthquake? Wait a minute that's not an earthquake - that's the sound of every single TRUE FLAMES FAN falling off the FLAMES WAGON! I was born and raised in Calgary, oh I've lived other places but I always found myself back there at least until about 20 or so years ago - but no matter where I have lived I've always been true to my home town teams from Calgary - through thick and thin I've always cheered them on - even when I lived in Edmonton I proudly wore my Flames and Stamp's colors (any Albertan will understand the weight of that statement)...I mean I bleed Calgary Red! But what the !#!@$!@$# are the Flames management smokin' ...Keenan is the biggest @%&*^$%#$@ A-hole that has ever been involved with professional sports! This guy has left a trail of mis-management, unbelievable player trades, and unprofessional tirades where ever he has been! Look at the mess he left in Vancouver and Florida! What an idiotic move Sutter - you should be Hog-tied and drug around the back forty! I can't believe they've done this... I need to have a transfusion...I wonder if there is any Oiler Juice available? Hey, I'm still an Albertan!
R.I.P. Flames
An ex-Flames fan...
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