Superbus the BRAVE!!! (superbus) wrote,
Superbus the BRAVE!!!

I... won?

Dear LiveJournal user superbus,

Performing a google search on a person's name in this manner is a poor indication of whether or not they are a public figure. For example, using your own name on google in this manner returns 2,110,000 results, as it is searching for any instance of both the first and second word, not necessarily a combination of the two.

However, on further consideration, we do agree that Sean Manchester should qualify as a public figure to him being a published author. Please feel free to disregard the previous email.

LiveJournal Abuse Prevention Team


OK, so I should have used a more specific Google search. Maybe Sean+Manchester+Vampire+Hunter (81,700+ entries). So I'll admit defeat on that front.

But I'm glad that they realized that they were in the wrong. There's nothing wrong with saying "upon further consideration"; I'm 98% satisfied.

When will I be 100%? When Alex uses this in HIS favour.
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