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The Michael Vick sentencing today was a fucking disgrace. How nice of that "no-nonsense" judge to make Vick show up shackled in a chain-gang outfit! The last time they made black men show up looking like that, they were shackling them because they were about to LYNCH them! What the fuck was that shit? They didn't even let him put on a fucking suit? For Christ's sake, it's not like he's a flight risk or a risk to humanity. Why not just go the full Lecter? Lester Munson said he'd never seen anything like that in all his time in courtrooms, and he's about 142 years old. He also said it was too reminiscent of the 50s, with a black man being totally degraded for no other reason than just because, and a white judge throwing the book at him.

Did Vick do horrible things? Absolutely. Did he know what he was doing? You know what, I don't really think so. Michael Vick is from Newport News, VA. I'm familiar with his housing project, and he lived about 15-20 minutes from where I lived in Portsmouth. Let me tell everyone something: white, black, hispanic, it didn't matter, because dog fighting was a part of that local culture; it was part of it's flavour, if you will. I've seen one. It's repulsive to me, because I've grown up with the idea that dogs are friendly pets, not tools of machismo. I remember a friend - a friend! - laughing at me, because I didn't understand it. I still don't... but I do understand growing up to believe that something is a sport, and acceptable because everyone accepts it... and I also understand that people in this environment are culturally induced to bring up those that don't have your luck. Have to keep it real, 'ya know?

Michael Vick, nor his brother Marcus, knew better. People that say "well, they should have learned!" haven't seen it up front. In a desire to escape the ghettos, people want to bring with them those that got them through the experience in the first place; it's almost socialist in a way. But those that don't have the willpower or talent to do it on their own don't know any better than to be a hanger-on to those that do get out. Naturally, this brings people down, and it affects more than just Michael Vick; look all over the rap and athletic landscape, and you'll see careers altered or even ended because of someone's posse and their inability to join society. But that's OK; have to keep it real, 'ya know?

Don't get me wrong; both of the Vick brothers are dumber than rocks. However, one feels that someone would have to be exceptional to not get sucked up into this environment and stay there, or at least not be destroyed by it before the person in question realizes the danger he or she is in. Black people make up a tenth of the population in America, and a tenth of that is in prison. More blacks are in prison than in college, and of those blacks that are in college, how many are there solely on their athletic prowess, hopelessly flailing at the pro ranks in a do-or-die grasp at a ring that they can barely see, let alone reach? How do we get these statistics to the future Mike Vicks... or even worse, let them know that prison time is not as desirable as rap albums make them out to be.

Today's sentencing was nothing more than a Dog and Negro show. This was the chance for the legal system to take a bow, and put their highest prized trophy on their case. I'm surprised they didn't pose next to him, with beers in hand. Of course, the general public is A-OK with the unnecessary dehumanizing of a man. "Oh, but the wittlw puppies! Wook at the doggies! :(". In their desire to defend Fido, America - mostly White America, naturally - lost it's fucking mind on someone that's really too stupid to know any better. I haven't seen people get this emotional over people that shoot other people!

I fully admit that Michael Vick did this to himself, and if he had a shread of decency or intelligence, he wouldn't be nearly as bad off as he is now. But I think it's more disgusting that everyone is getting their piece of his pie like this.

All I can say is that I hope Barry Bonds is paying attention...


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Dec. 11th, 2007 03:52 am (UTC)
Nailed it. I'm glad someone else understands that questioning the Vick lynch mob is not the same thing as defending his actions.
Dec. 11th, 2007 12:26 pm (UTC)
Talk about screwed up. I thought we were past the whole "white guys trash on the black guy in court" thing, too.... Makes me wonder if that same crowd would've been as vicious if it were a white guy in Vick's place instead, but who the hell knows in this country.
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