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Will the 80s ever leave me?

Aileen did it. Blame her.

She showed me T-Shirt that I found humorous, and naturally, I went to check out their "80s" line of T-Shirts... which brought me to 80tees.com... which has me, once again, swimming in nostalgia.

Now, thanks to that one innocuous link, I'm whimpering that I spent all my money on gifts, and therefore can't buy the fucking place out (seriously, check out the "Gamers" section; there's too much cool shit to count), because hey, nothing spells "nostalgia" like paying 2007 prices for 1987 memories, right? And even after that, I've broken out Activision Anthology (a collection of 2600 games from the best third party developer of the pre-crash era; it should be noted that Activision back then were much different than the money-grubbing, add-on whoring cockgobblers we see today. It should also be noted that Activision Anthology is the best retro compilation of all time), and am actively playing it and grooving to the music within, and am about to break out MAME and FCE Ultra to groove Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Pac Man (despite having Pac Man on Live), Zelda, NES Contra... oh my God. I love the 80s.

Nostalgia is one of those things that makes you remember things more fondly than they really are. For example, being a child during the 80s was so fucking awesome it's not even funny, what with all the awesome cartoons, the proliferation of video games in the early and latter parts of the decade, and the other assorted things to do and see, but being an adult must have sucked almost as much as it does now, what with the Republican junta at it's strongest it ever was, save for the time after 9/11. Even with the games and shows back then, one realizes that memories are usually better than reality; as much as things like SMB, Zelda, Transformers, Voltron, Gundam and The Goonies stand up now, one can't argue that the original Donkey Kong, a slew of other video games, the DIC cartoons and Tron don't quite stand up today to hindsight. And as nice as it is to be able to play those old games today, I have to admit that it's nice to not have to blow on my hard drive or my Activision CD to make them work. XD

And this gives me an idea for a great column once Diehard GameFAN goes up: I want to profile the top 5 retro compilations of all time. Honestly, I don't know how to really rank them, but I do think I have the criteria down (grades on quality of games, unlockable and bonus content, how many games were denied that should have been [which hurts the Genesis Collection], extras [like music], etc.).

Any thoughts? Just remember that they have to be retro compilations; no voting for Orange Box.


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Dec. 24th, 2007 07:56 am (UTC)
Oh, you KNOW I'm plotting on what to get you from that site... >:)

I'm not too familiar with the retro compilations, so I can't really give recommendations (though apparently there was a Konami Arcade Classics for PS1 :O). XD; But how would you rate the ones you have (the Capcom Classics, the Namco Museums, Konami Classics Arcade Hits, etc.)? :O
Dec. 24th, 2007 08:07 am (UTC)
There's a lot more than that; I have two Namco compliations alone. Plus, you have the N A M C O, five game collection for PS1 (which was BETTER than the PS2 sets), you have the Konami PC titles (all three NES Castlevanias and the two Contra games), hell, even Super Mario All-Stars counts. So it's a lot more than just the ones we're seeing today. You have the Mega Man collections (both regular and X), the Taito collections (sub-par), Tecmo (which sucks), and Intellivision (which is worse). Going through a comprehensive list would be hard.
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