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One of many reasons I love sports:

I had a horrible day. Just absolute, shit-on-the-wall crap that makes me physically exhausted when I get home and not willing to do anything but... veg and relax. I hate days like this, and it's one of many reasons I will hate my job with every fibre of my body until I get the chance to move.

Then I get home, and find out that FESS had another stupid fucking issue that wouldn't go away, and never will because no one will get a fucking LIFE around there. Essentially, I had nothing but stress from 9:00AM until 11:00PM.

Then I logged on ESPN.com...

And everything seemed to feel... better


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Jan. 30th, 2008 04:53 pm (UTC)
It's a spectacular trade. Omar played it perfectly in waiting it out, and the Twins completely blew it, passing up on a better offer from us as well as better offers from NYY or BOS in December before being backed into a corner.

Gomez is a great prospect, but he's a true CF, and we kind of already have the best CF in baseball. He will never swing a big enough bat to make him a really good corner outfielder for us, so his value as a Met was always lower than his value as a trade chip. Mulvey and Humber are already close to being ML-ready, but their ceilings aren't that high. Guerra has a very high ceiling but he's three or four years away from being ready for the majors. Most importantly, we kept Fernando Martinez (our only good long-term bat) and Pelfrey (ML-ready and still has a higher ceiling than any of the pitchers we moved).

So it sets up this rotation: Johan, Pedro, Maine, Ollie, Duque. Not to go all Stuart Scott on you, but you know your rotation is good when you can use three first names and a nickname and everyone still knows who you're talking about. Johan being a power lefty makes him the best possible matchup to beat the Phils (Utley, Rollins and Howard are all high-strikeout lefties). Being able to keep Pelfrey in the mix as a spot starter will let us give Maine and Pedro extra rest over the summer, so hopefully they're not tired like last September.

So we've got the two aces out front with a group of young pitchers behind them, the front-heavy bullpen with a great closer and two workhouse set-up men, and the Church/Schneider moves point to an OBP-based offense that sets out to work the shit out of starters' pitch counts and get to middle relievers early. Sound like anything to you? Because it reminds me perfectly of the 1996-2000 Yankees.

In 24 hours, I went from barely caring about when the baseball season starts to looking up airfare to Miami for the Mets' season opener/Johan's debut. Road trip anyone?
Jan. 31st, 2008 01:05 am (UTC)
So the rush of the transfer window hits baseball eh? XP
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