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I never seem to have time to do anything but work, play an odd game, and bemoan what the fuck's happened to my life since I joined Perimeter, have some quickies:

- Valentine's Day is a fake holiday propagated by the likes of Hallmark and DeBeers to capitalize on womens' desire to be prettier than the next woman, a man's desire for consistent sex and not being left alone in the doghouse, and a woman's ability to turn the latter into a tool to acquire the former. I have a better idea, and it's one that Aileen and I do: treat every day of the year like it's Valentine's Day, in the spiritual sense.

Essentially, anyone that decides to soup up Valentine's Day for their loved one says two things: "I am a corporate, consumer whore" and "I only pay attention to the screaming bitch/asshole on the other side of the bed when the calender says so".

- Mid-way through listening to the Congressional Steroid Dog-And-Pony Sh-- I mean, er, Hearings - I half expected Roger Clemens to start singing "Proud To Be An American", with an encore of "You've Got A Friend In Me", from Toy Story. Did he blow Dan Burton or something? And this is coming from someone that's taken Roger's side of the view 98% of the time in this sordid tale.

- Speaking of those hearings, it's pleasant to know that we're spiralling into a recession where the big are getting bigger and the small are getting eaten alive, and the class divide is now a chasm, but Congress can waste our money not by removing the freeze on Medicaid, or throwing a few dollars to inner-city teachers so they don't burn out before their first study hall, or trying to feed the homeless, but by chasing after a couple of big heads to put on their walls in Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Bill Bellichek, to join the one next to Marion Jones. Hey Arlen! Stop fucking with the NFL, and worry about your state's unemployment rate!

- Speaking of misappropriated money, what the fuck is up with this "economy stimulus" plan!? Let me get this straight: an illegal war on two fronts and immoral tax breaks for the super-rich have put us into such a deficit that we need to stimulate the economy by throwing small change at people, on an upward scale depending on what they make? That's stimulation? To have someone get these cheques and go "ho boy! A new iPod!", which is more money for George's boys? This is the price the government is paying for their abhorent sins? $300 a person, with more going to those that make more? That's what we can be bought for? Yeah, that sounds like stimulation all right... I also hear that getting fucked in the ass "stimulates" the prostate.

Oh, I'm sorry. $600 for me! I get an extra $300 because I'm a war veteran! Oh boy! That's what I fought for my country for, to be thrown a bit of money that couldn't get me a meal at some of the places these whores eat at on our dime! God bless our Government! God bless America! And that's the CHRISTIAN God, you faggot commie terrorist baby-killers! >:O

I swear to God, if I see one cheque in my mail for this stimulus plan, I'm going to publically - with news crews around - donate it to a soup kitchen, or an inner city project, or something for people that don't make enough money to get any cheques. Mark that as a guarantee.

- Speaking of our government, it's incredibly nice to know two things on the Democratic side: 1) That Superdelegates are going to render our Democracy obsolete (mark this down: if Hillary wins, it's because she greased some palms), and 2) the two deciding states for the Democratic election are the two states that weren't even allowed to count, because they tried to cheat the system. By the way, Hillary won both of those, and Obama wasn't even on Michigan's ballot!

When does McCain decide his VP? Whoever his VP is decides who I vote for, as I'm leaning heavily towards him at this point. If he decides on someone like Milt Romney, I'll wince, but vote for him. If he decides on someone like Rudy Guiliani, I'm going to end up throwing myself in as one of those damned "undecided voters". If he picks someone like Condi Rice or Fred Thompson, I'll not only vote for the man, I'll join his campaign team. And if he picks someone like Mike Huckabee, I'm running to the border and not stopping until I see moose shit.

- On the basketball front, really quickly: Shaq was a mistake (as noted before), and Devean George's no trade clause is the best thing to happen to the Dallas Mavericks since Cuban.

- On the hockey front, if Ray Emery isn't careful, he's going to be out of the league in three years. Good goaltenders - the tiers below Brodeur and Hasek - are dime-a-dozen nowadays.

- On the video game front, I hope to have a good first impression of the following games this weekend:

* Nobunaga's Ambition
* Lost Odyssey
* Zack and Wiki
* Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
* Ico (Yes, Ico)

Essentially, I propose to myself that I don't touch one sports game that I regularly play. Therefore, starting tomorrow and ending Monday, no Pro Evolution, NHL '08 or NBA 2K8. Maybe, once I do that, I will also get a chance to beat FE9. Maybe.

Also, is it strange that I actually want to try Call of Duty 4 because Yahtzee says it's good? Even if Fenix says it's pants. Mind you, I don't want to lose the option of trading it in (I want it used), just... you know, I'm interested now.

- On the demo front, Burnout for the 360 is fun. And on the DLC front, while I love the idea of Lords of Thunder (and less so of Harvest Moon), I'm more excited by XBox Originals Black and, of course, Sid Meier's Pirates!. It'll be nice to play THAT game on a good screen; the PSP version is hard on the eyes.

- Finally, Dynasty Warriors 6 comes out on the 26th, along with Dragon Quest: Swords... and I have a good chance of being stuck in Raleigh. Not a problem for DW6 (moreso for DQ:S as my Wii won't make the trip, it'll be with Aileen while I'm gone, though that one, I think I want to wait for Alex to have a say anyway), except for the fact that Gamestop is fucking gay, and it seems like they've actually started their policy of not sending any store copies of any games for two weeks once a game is released. If I can confirm this, great, I'll never shop at Gamestop for anything new again, but even if I order online, it'll be at home. And I need to review this one. Motherfucker.


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Feb. 15th, 2008 06:01 am (UTC)

Ray knows it and so does everyone else.

Feb. 15th, 2008 06:25 am (UTC)
You get this impression that I don't like Emery. I do. He's a wonderful breath of fresh air, and has no real weaknesses in his form.

But I also know that he's had major spats with multiple teammates this year, and that when he fought that guy Peters in '06, no one even bothered to come in for him. A goaltender fighting a larger defenceman, and no one comes into assist, or do something about it? That's... telling.

He just needs to grow up.
Feb. 15th, 2008 06:44 am (UTC)
I think his rebounds and lateral movement might need work. :P

I wouldn't call them major. Shit happens in practice all the time, including teammates OMG yelling at each other. (Did you expect sunshine and rainbows? Especially after losing to the LEAFS?) Even Kipper's gotten pissy in practice more than once. So's Iggy.) He only had one actual 'fight' being with McGrattan who's pretty much like a best friend.

I think most of the Sens know he can handle fights even in goalie gear. He had about dozen in the AHL.. and I don't know how many were other goalies but I know he beat the piss out of a lot of skaters and I watched him do it to Josh Gratton. I don't think it's because his teammates don't like him, because I've seen them stand up for him when the opponents are running him a lot. Like Tuesday.

It's just, yeah, he needs to grow up but it's just been beaten to death a lot. I said it too, ages ago. And he knows it too. Coach and teammates say things have been better lately.

I'm not terribly worried.
Feb. 15th, 2008 10:18 am (UTC)
Maybe I should be thankful that Valentine day is banned in Saudi Arabia....?

Speaking of misappropriated money, what the fuck is up with this "economy stimulus" plan!?

You should see what happened in Saudi Arabia.

The UAE and Qatar gave their citizens a 70% permenant pay increase. 70 FUCKING PERCENT!

The pressure was on the Saudi Goverment, riding high on it's highest budget income in its history. Surely we were at least getting a 50% pay increase at the least to combat this huge rising inflation caused by our pegging money to the dollar right?

We get a "5% inflated living subsidy for 3 years" and 17 "REVOLUTIONARY" (says our state controlled media) edicts by the king. Most of which are extremely vague worded "Inspection of the government welfare system"? how about "change the welfare system?" Or I like the this one "The government will handle 50% of passport renewal fees." Okay, I get my passport renewed once every 10 fucking years and I'm paying the money to renew it to the government so they aren't losing anything by "handling 50% of the fees".

5 fucking percent. for only 3 years. Not the 70% PERMENANT raise the Emiratis and the Qataris got.... *sigh*
* Lost Odyssey

Tell me how this turns out. I was told it sucked.

Also, is it strange that I actually want to try Call of Duty 4 because Yahtzee says it's good? Even if Fenix says it's pants. Mind you, I don't want to lose the option of trading it in (I want it used), just... you know, I'm interested now.

I said that CoD4 was bad? I just said it's incredibly short. like 4-5 hours singleplayer mode. You better like playing online if you want to get it or its useless.

of course, Sid Meier's Pirates!. It'll be nice to play THAT game on a good screen; the PSP version is hard on the eyes.

Get the PC version then! XD

Also, what do you mean by your latest post in the footy thread on FESS.

You know I'm horrible at sarcasm. :(
Feb. 15th, 2008 10:26 am (UTC)
I just noticed something.

You listen to Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw too?

He Actually PRAISED a game? XDXDXD

Have you played any of his games?
Feb. 15th, 2008 06:26 pm (UTC)
Apparently everyone listens to Yahtzee.
Feb. 15th, 2008 06:25 pm (UTC)
In some countries it's simply about giving girls chocolate. And St. White's Day is the opposite... I like these definitions more than the "YOU MUST BE UBER LOVEY DOVEY ON THIS DAY" because in my opinion your feelings and actions towards each other should not change based on what day it is. However, the gift of some chocolate is nice. :3

LOL at your love of Yahtzee's reviews (I can't say I've ever liked a reviewer more myself)

Ico? How the fuck did you FIND that game? D: Lucky bastard.

Oh and LOL at my state not counting in the race - by the way, I'm a democrat. XD
Feb. 15th, 2008 07:43 pm (UTC)
Hey Arlen! Stop fucking with the NFL, and worry about your state's unemployment rate!

While I highly agree that he needs to STFU about what doesn't really concern him, our unemployment rate isn't that bad... (4.7% at the end of '07) There are certainly higher ones out there.
Feb. 15th, 2008 09:55 pm (UTC)
The holiday is a day like any other in that it is a day for me to tell milady how grateful I am for her. It helps that it is a day that serves as a good excuse for me to give her a present.

That Congress has anything to do with the baseball thing is a complete waste of my tax money.

You can afford to donate the extra check to charity. I cannot; I need every scrap I can get. I do not like what the stimulus package is doing to the deficit, but ... if the government is going to give me money, my four-figure yearly wage can certainly use the boost.

Observing the superdelegate situation very closely. If Hillary exploits the superdelegates to steal the nomination from Mr. Obama, I will also vote for Mr. McCain as a protest. Currently a small chance of Mr. McCain selecting a VP like Colin Powell, but that is only a rumor, as far as I can tell.

Lords Of Thunder kicks ass. Another fun Sega CD title, even if started life as a Turbo CD title.

Uncertain as to how to acquire DW6 when it is released. Will go to my E-Bay sellers if the seller strike is done by then, but have to wait and see.
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