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I loaded this game up the day I got it... and it already needed a patch. On the first day! If anything is a harbinger of things to come...

The new pitching is good so far; it adds a bit of unpredictability to pitching, and with some tweaking, will turn out very well if Take Two/2K Sports lives long enough to make a 2K9.

Hitting needs major work. It still feels too stilted, and I prefer the way hitting is done in both NCAA Baseball and MLB '08, where you swing AT a pitch, and not where you want the pitch to go; I don't swing up necessarily to hit a pitch in the air, I do so to swing at a high pitch. And it still feels cheap; why am I hitting opposite field sinkers that nip the lower portion of the strike zone into the second deck, opposite field?

Speaking of the strike zone, if anything even breathes on it, it's a strike. I have not been walked once in I don't know how many games, and I only walk hitters when I can't grasp the more complex pitches to throw (some are much easier than others). In short, for a realistic baseball game, there's not too much "realism" to be had in hitting the baseball. This is disconcerting.

Fielding and throwing are fun, and the throwing to bases is much improved now; right analogue stick throws, and the longer you hold it down, the harder - and lower - your throws go, and if you're off-line with the stick, your throw is off-line as well. Let go too quick, and you're sending a floater that might go over the fielder's head; hold the stick too long and you're bouncing it to first (bad thing, when Delgado is your first basebam). But fielding seems to be affected by the occasional glitch; I had Carlos Beltran standing there waiting for a ball to roll to him on a routine single up the middle... and he just stood there. The ball rolled under his legs, no reaction, triple to centre. Naturally, the runner scored.

But if one thing strikes out at me, it's the frame rate in the field, and the online play. They're HORRIBLE; the game literally breaks up while the ball is in play, and the game becomes almost unplayable, and online play is virtually a non-starter there's so much lag. I'm on a good connection; it should not be lagging so hard.

In short, the game would probably get maybe a 5 from me, and I'll play it because I have no other choice for next-generation MLB play unless I buy a PS3. But there are a lot of issues that make my skin boil.


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Mar. 13th, 2008 01:05 pm (UTC)
What about the trading card mini game? That seemed like a neat idea to me.

Mar. 14th, 2008 12:24 am (UTC)
Almost completely pants. You need to do incredible feats with individual players to get those cards. It's a diversion only for those who have put in so much time that they're already week three into their franchise.
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