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So let me get this straight:

In defiance of a large corporation putting forth policies that fuck over the non-paid users in favour of advertising dollars - something I called as soon as Russia bought into Livejournal - it's users are... striking? A strike?

A strike of paid users, who are already paid and have already given their non-refundable money to Livejournal/Six Apart/SUP, who are not going to post or log in... for ONE DAY?

Am I getting this right?

... Are you people retarded?

Yes, I have opinions on this whole situation. I'll likely post them later. But a strike? Pathetic. If anything, they're dancing in the streets over this! "Yes! They've already paid, but just saved us thousands in bandwidth and storage costs as well! Death to Perestroika~"

You fucking emo-whores are so God damned retarded.


Mar. 22nd, 2008 01:09 am (UTC)
I've said it before to certain people, I'll say it again. The strike will have no effect. One day of striking isn't going to do any good, particularly since in the grand scheme of things, the lessened bandwidth usage on that day will likely result in a smaller bill for LiveJournal's owners. Think about that.

You really want to protest LiveJournal's latest policies? Go elsewhere and don't come back until they get their shit together. That's how I see it.

(Reposted to fix HTML. Wow, I fail.)