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Backstory: Jenn wants me to go to a party about an hour from home on Saturday, which I'm not going to, mainly because I'm taking my brother out for his birthday, but also because I don't want to be a bad distraction, mainly due to Christine, who I still wouldn't piss on if she were on fire.

The dumb broad has some balls, I'll give her that...

Anjui63 (10:35:28 PM): Seriously, you shouldn't NOT go to The party.
superbus1929 (10:35:44 PM): Why are you bothering about this?
Anjui63 (10:35:52 PM): Because jenny wants you to go.
superbus1929 (10:35:53 PM): I want to hock a major spitwad in your face,
superbus1929 (10:35:55 PM): you have a lot of nerve.
Anjui63 (10:36:12 PM): You could do whatever, i dont care, just dont hurt jenny in the process of being hot headed.
Anjui63 (10:36:25 PM): not going, would hurt her.
superbus1929 (10:36:27 PM): You have a lot of nerve speaking on her behalf.
superbus1929 (10:36:52 PM): You're not worth my time.
Anjui63 signed off at 10:36:55 PM.

Jenn and I have a "don't speak about Christine" policy because it's such a sore spot. Jenn wants to patch things up between us, but every time she brings it up, it just makes me angry. Honestly, my feelings are so strong towards Chris, I'm usually the one that breaks that forementioned rule.

Naturally, Christine ALWAYS has to have the last word (this is why I still have her post from MY samplemember account, which I remember almost none of, due to my head problems), so I get this, at Jimmy Swaggart29 (SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO MAKE THAT LINKED ACCOUNT PRIVATE...)

Anjui63 (10:39:20 PM): i dont really care what you say to me. I think you should go. Dont be an idiot, Now go block me. I couldn't care less. i think what you did, and all the things you said were imature, i dont want or need you as a friend. but while jenny is with you, you should just stiff it up. *blocks you for you*
Anjui63 signed off at 10:39:25 PM.

So not only does she go on my alt. account to bother me, and get the last word, but she reblocks me, so I can't retaliate. If I would have blocked her from Swaggart, she would have gotten me via KiraSetsuna63. She's hardheaded like that.

Well, I'm a hardheaded asshole too, so yeah, not only am I getting the last word, I'm doing it in the format she hates. I'm even leaving it open, so everyone can see it.

Chris, if you think your coming in like the conquering hero was going to get me to go on Saturday, not only are you wrong, but you actually HURT the chances of me going, as I refuse to let you win here. I've given you too much quarter as is; you hacked into my private life TWICE after I afforded you a level of trust, you're lucky you still have a face, much less that precious server of yours.

It's too bad you're the one that hooked Jenn and I up in the first place, because at this point, you're a thorn in our realationship, and a biased one at that; what's going to happen if we have an arguement? You're going to fill her head with your psyco-babble trash and bring up years old shit, just like you learned from your dear mother. The apple surely doesn't fall far from the tree...

You, Corrine and Jenn can go on all you want about the things I post here. The fact of the matter is, that you know I keep my online friends and my RL friends separate, and always will; noone from CT will ever be added to my friend's list, and almost every post I make it F.O., some of them broken up into separate friends groups. So cry me a fucking river about your precious convos being posted to strangers that I trust, because had you not broken my own trust in the first place and hacked into a journal that I specifically said was friends only, then you wouldn't have known shit.

I won't be going on Saturday, half because of Billy, and half because of you. In all honesty, I'm dreading the Rennisance Fair, becasue I know most of my time will be spent with you, the one person I currently hate. Are you happy? I get so sick to my stomach just by thinking of you, I want to puke, and it's hurting my relationship with Jenn. Talk all you want about me "stiffing it up", but you get a joy out of this, I know you. If this is what you want, then congrats, you win.

You know, I remember hearing the things you said when I visited EOB on my second leave back from the Navy, after my first deployment. You told people I knew, people I liked, and that liked me, that I was "abusive" and "mean". Of course, you naturally don't have any recollection of Joleen handing you your ass for that one, but that's another story. The fact is that I'd shown you nothing that would make you think that, and you still said it. The attention whore to the end.

Well, I'm sure you're going to hack into another one of my accounts to send me back your response to this, just because you can. Go ahead. Try me. Because if you do, you're going to see that side of me that you've always talked about, that side of me that very few people have seen. The side even I don't like.

Fuck with me one more time, and you're going to see the side of me that you've been dreading for years.


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Aug. 27th, 2004 06:10 pm (UTC)
>_> Well, if you ARE reading this, leave him the fuck alone. [/stranger's two cents]
Aug. 28th, 2004 03:10 am (UTC)
If you don't leave him alone I will fly to where you live and KICK YOUR ASS*

*by "kick your ass" I mean go to your house and do a full evening of stand-up comedy. ORMBERG ISN'T FUNNY and you'll find out why soon enough.
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