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Also, this just in:

The NBA truly does have some atrocious officiating. I didn't think the stories were all true!

When did it get so bad? I remember three officials from tonight, and only one of them was remotely competent. That man was Dick Bavetta, who is - I'm not joking - SIXTY EIGHT YEARS OLD. He's only a few years younger than my grandmother, who's been dead for five years! Seriously! The other two were an embarrassment, and I know that with Joey Crawford and Bennett Salvatore on the horizon, it's going to get worse.

Oh my fucking God.


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Jun. 6th, 2008 02:08 pm (UTC)
I can't say I'm a big basketball fan. To me, it all burns down to "Team A gets the ball, makes a goal; Team B gets the ball, makes a goal; Team A gets the ball, makes a goal; Team B gets the ball, oops they miss". Too much back and forth for my liking with little chance to really watch long-term strategies unfold as in games like American football and baseball. Sometimes I'd rather watch soccer, and coming from me that should say something.

However, I used to make it a point to watch a few games whenever the Rockets managed to make it to the playoffs (although since Rudy T left in 2003, I more or less lost whatever small interest I had).

Now, every sport is going to have a few bad refs, and even the best ref is going to make a few bad calls every now and then. My stance has almost always been "If you lost on a single bad call, you should have been good enough to make the play before it." But good grief! I know Basketball is a very fast-paced sport, but it was not uncommon to see players smacked to the ground without a call (or worse, a call against the person who was hit). Usually this works against both teams, but I remember one particuarlly bad series against Seattle ('97 playoffs, I think) where it seemed like the refs downright refused to call anything against Seattle. They still managed to beat Seattle and lose to the Jazz (another poorly reffed game, but poorly reffed on both sides), but I haven't had a positive view of the game's officiating since.

Granted, this is like ten years ago, and I've thought from time to time maybe it was just me. But even when I come across a game hoping through channels, how and when the rules will be enforced still seems like too much of a toss up.

I like to think "I hope my team plays well today!" I don't like to think "I just hope my team is lucky today..." -_-
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