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rednecksI get a kick out of everyone bitching about Republicans. They failed in Iraq! They gave us a deficit! Bush is stupid! Cheney is evil! Rove is... hey, where'd he go?! Come back!

Americans - and especially those that are Democrats - love to complain about the Republican Party that has essentially run this country since the Richard Nixon administration as if they were a theocracy; you know, something they can't do anything about. Americans are good at that! Bitch, cry, moan, wail, flail, post on message boards and email mailing groups... and hope their employers never find out about it, or about that picture of someone taking jello shots off of their tits on their MySpace profiles. Can't piss off The Man™, after all!

The Republican Congress failed. Three of the last five Republican Presidencies (Nixon, both Bushes) either failed spectacularly or went up in the flames of corruption. Partisan politics - usually initiated by a few bad Republicans - have turned Washington D.C. into the political equivalent of gang turf, with virtually nothing of consequence getting done without massive earmarks and favours being given. No one can decide on a proper spending budget, or what to do about the fact that we've essentially wiped our asses with both the Geneva Convention and the Constitution for the past seven years, but by God, when it comes time to rename fried potatoes, those fuckers are all over it! And even when the Democrats get a majority, or an important position, they either kowtow to the Republicans (this Rolling Stone piece - though it's very heavily slanted to the left - has a quote that accuses the Democrats of having Stockholm Syndrome, which I feel is quite accurate), or do the same exact shit, such as the infamous incident of Nancy Pelosi telling the Minority Leader, Sen. McConnell (R-KY), that since the Republicans "lost" in 2006, he doesn't get to bang the gavel anymore. It sounds like a sitcom full of precocious teenagers until you realize that this is our GOVERNMENT at work, at which point your first instinct is to stop laughing and start emigrating.

So Americans bitch and bitch and bitch. That in itself is fine, except for one slight problem: they really have no right to.

After the Republicans essentially stole the 2000 Presidential Election, the evidence was right in front of anyone's face that something was drastically wrong with the results, considering the fact that the deciding state was run by Bush's brother, and that a lot of votes were thrown out for strange reasons, the results were quickly ratified by a conservative, Republican Secretary with her own aspirations for the house (realized in 2003). Bush then went on to fuck up everything he touched, until 9/11, where he bravely and effectively... kept reading a children's story to some kids. Americans - truly rocked for the first time since Pearl Harbor - were ready to believe anything they heard from their leaders, and Bush went on to play right into that fear with hatred, breaking the #1 rule of effective, moral leadership. He then used the fears behind 9/11 to invade Iraq, blatantly selecting which intelligence he used to get the House and Senate to approve the war, and using that war to get reelected in 2004, after which he's done such a bad job that FINALLY Americans are coming around to him and the people he works with/for.

It took five to seven years to realize what was going on? Really?

How did America react to a government that accomplished all of this, while attempting to limit America's civil liberties that our forefathers fought so hard for?

They re-elected the same people.

No matter what, all Americans knew was that John Kerry was liberal (as if that's a curse word), and Bush kept them safe from the terrorists by fighting on their soil (despite the fact that, uh, he really didn't). Oh, and he's Jesus Approved; that's important in a country that has a doctrine that demands that the Church and the State remain separate. They said on multiple election days that they didn't really care about civil liberties; after all, if you have nothing to hide, then what's the problem? Obviously, by that extension, if you're resisting, you have something to hide! Well, as Ben Franklin said, those that give up freedom for safety deserve neither, and that's what America is getting nowadays; we're no safer than we were on September 10th of 2001, unless you believe the Security Theatre, and that taking off your shoes is going to make you safer. In addition to that, we're slowly turning into a police state, our economy is in the shitter, the idea of a Conservative Republican has been destroyed by Neo-Conservatives hypocrites who burned money wantonly, and with an all-volunteer military stretched to it's peak and having massive trouble hitting enlistment goals, we're actively thinking of fighting a THREE pronged war, by extending into Iran!

America doesn't have politicians to blame for this. It can't blame Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice, Powell, Rush, Hannity, Coulter or Malkin for the mess it's in. America can only blame itself. The people are to blame. Any political system, no matter what it is, is as strong as it's base; in a Theocracy, it's as strong as the Church, in a Dictatorship, it's as strong as the dictator, and in a Democracy, it's as strong as the people.

The people elected these politicians that made these laws. They saw what happened in 2000, and did it AGAIN in 2004. They paid attention to the photo ops ("Mission Accomplished!"), the one-liner quotes meant for the red-state rednecks (too many to count), and whatever else the ratings/profit driven media wanted to talk about, and didn't bother to dig deeper because, hey, CSI is on! This goes beyond the Bush administration, and goes all the way back to Reagan and the proliferation of the "Me First" 80s. They didn't pay any attention to the issues of the day, instead focusing on scare tactics and meaningless bullshit. They voted based on these things. And now, America - and all Americans - are paying the price for that laziness.

Naturally, as a country, we haven't learned shit on either side. The average voter on either side of the equation for the 2008 election has already made up their minds, and it has much less to do with either candidate's issues than it does with frivolous media bytes; McCain voters will largely vote for McCain because Obama is either too young, too black, doesn't wear a flag lapel (to which I have to quote Carlin: "I consider them symbols, and I leave symbols to the symbol-minded"), or is Muslim (which a staggering amount of people believe, despite the fact that one of the key things legitimately wrong with Obama is his former CHRISTIAN pastor), and those that vote for Obama are likely to do so because he symbolizes CHANGE (... to what?), and reminds people of JFK~ <33333 (we're just going to forget that whole Bay of Pigs thing, and the escalation of our involvement in Vietnam, and the backing of the Baath led revolution in Iraq that directly led to thousands of political murders and indirectly led to Sadaam Hussein getting power, and... and... and...), and is such a GREAT SPEAKER~ (so was Malcolm X when he was with the Nation of Islam). Americans have proven themselves too stupid and lazy to dig deep into anything other than the private lives of famous pop stars and actors; they need everything served to them on a big platter, right after American Idol, sponsored by Coca-Cola and Apple.

Democracies are run by the people. Our people are ineffective at governing their own country. Now that I think about it... maybe I should be glad that 40% of us don't participate (in the "best" election in 36 years, at that).


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Jun. 16th, 2008 02:22 am (UTC)

Best to let this one speak for itself; I have nothing to add that has not already been said by those more informed than myself.
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