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I hope everyone that follows the Mets is happy now.

All the idiot callers to WFAN finally got their wish. Willie Randolph was finally fired at midnight... on the WEST coast. 3:15AM on our side of the world. They even made him go to Anaheim, just to fire him!

The Willie Watch has been going on for two months, and part of me is relieved that it's over, though if anyone in that organization had any testicular fortitude - or at least, didn't fight their battles in the media as an anonymous source, right Bernazard? - and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. The things that callers and hosts bitched and moaned about are things that no one knows anything about; he has no fire! His team isn't prepared! He needs to scream and rant and rave! Guess what assholes? That's not what you were getting - ever - with Willie! He was an even-keel player with the Yankees, studied at the foot of Joe Torre - who's practically Yoda at this point - as a coach, and finally went on to the Mets, where they made a great improvement in '05, punching above their weight, coming together to get within one Heilman mistake of going to the 2006 World Series, and performing well most of '07, until That September happened, where his #1 mistake was not kicking Gatorade coolers; essentially, he was raked for not panicking. And what if he did start screaming and hooting and hollering? My guess is that his players - remember, a mostly veteran squad - would have seen right through him, knowing it was Daily News Theatre. Every report on Willie says that he handles things behind closed doors, and that he's a lot more intense there than he is on the field. Imagine that! He treats his players like... men!

Granted, not a lot of them deserve that respect right now. The team essentially abandoned ship once the Willie Watch was given some credence by Mets management, who right now embarrass me, starting with Wilpon (who a lot of people hint is one of the famous anonymous sources within the Mets organization that criticizes every move Willie made. So you wouldn't have listened to a young pitcher practically begging for a chance to finish off a 3-0 win, then called upon your closer once it became apparent he didn't have it? A $10.5m closer who's one of the best of all time? It's Willie's fault that Wagner picked a bad time to go into the tank? It wasn't to Willie's credit when Wagner was untouchable, but it's his fault now? I guess that's why you're not a fucking manager!). The Mets front office is known as one of the most acidic in baseball, with rampant backstabbing, rampant "anonymous" quotes in the papers, and just a generally dishonest feel with no real leadership, and now, they've made a liar out of Omar Minaya (who I don't think will be around in '09, either). Willie had no support from management that doesn't know it's ass from it's elbow, and no support from players that viewed the situation as a distraction instead of a wake-up call; most of the quotes from the players effectively amounted to "doesn't matter to me", when it should, as their play was directly indicative of Willie, and is the #1 reason he's gone now. If Jose Reyes, that fucking prima-donna, can look at himself in the morning today without a hint of shame, he's not a man. Plain and simple.

So now Jerry Manuel is the manager. Oh boy! If everyone thought Willie had "thin skin" for New York (despite his entire career being in New York), what the fuck are they going to get from Jerry Manuel? For one, he's essentially Willie Light; he's got the same demeanor, the same way of doing things, hell, he even has similar credentials! The only benefit he really has over Willie is that he doesn't have the vultures in his front office and guys named "Joey in the Bronx" circling him yet, and I don't think his appointment will do anything to benefit the team. As for Rick Pedersen, who was also let go, maybe when Victor Zambrano signs with a new team, he can follow him there to "fix" him.

I cannot believe my team let a good, honest man dangle on the gallows for two months, essentially making him manage inning-by-inning, and anonymously criticizing his every move that turned out wrong, even if it was a move that every manager in baseball would have done. I cannot believe they made him travel west, manage one game, then fired him afterwards, essentially abandoning him 3,000 miles from home after a game they won. I cannot believe my fellow Mets fans can be so fucking stupid and apoplectic. I cannot believe a "veteran" team quit on it's manager once the heat got too hot from the press. And I cannot believe how gutless and petty Fred Wilpon, Tony Bernazard and Omar Minaya are.

How shameful. Am I the only one with images of 1993 in my head again?


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Jun. 17th, 2008 11:58 am (UTC)
Whoa whoa whoa, that's an awful lot of assumption in the case of Wilpon. If you're right and he's been the anonymous source, then yeah, I agree with you. But the Matt Cerrone-backed theory is that the Wilpons were ready to pull the trigger the day after the Braves sweep and waited for the blessing of Omar (Willie's immediate boss) before doing the deed. Not the best management style but not nearly as gutless and petty as Omar has come off.

I cannot believe I just defended the Wilpons, who I hate, and tossed aside Omar, who until lately I've always loved.

Also I have to disagree with you on the Pelfrey game. Not that it should be the one reason for a decision either way. But Willie treated Pelfrey the way Mets management has treated Willie lately. Pelfrey asked to pitch the ninth, and Willie gave him a vote of confidence to go out there. After one runner reached base, and the tying run wasn't even at the plate, he pulled him for Wagner, putting two people in bad positions (Pelfrey looks dumb and probably loses some confidence by coming out on a bad note; closers in general historically are much less comfortable coming in with runners already on because they're so used to starting innings). He needed to either give the ninth to Wagner, or give Pelfrey enough rope to let him finish the game he clearly really wanted to finish (like at least let him pitch until the tying run comes up to the plate). He tried to do both, and ended up doing neither.

Well, either way, it's clear that barring a huge run this season Omar's time is done as well. Let's just hope we can nab a GM who will focus on rebuilding the farm system, and try to lure Manny Acta back home to manage the club next year.
Jun. 18th, 2008 04:14 pm (UTC)
It was actually Buster Olney that implicated Wilpon. Add to that the notation of Steve Phillips that the Mets don't really have a chain of command, and you have the bullshit that happened Monday night.

The thing about the Pelfrey game is that you don't want your young pitcher to get torqued; when push comes to shove, you want your closer to have the best position to close the game. I'd much rather have him come on to save the game with one runner on than with two on, at least one in scoring position, and the Nationals smelling blood.

I don't like where this team is right now. Delgado's virtually finished. The pitching is at best inconsistent. Half of the outfield is replacement-level. And Jose Reyes still hasn't grown up.
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