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Some funny FFIV irony...

Throughout the entire Tower of Zot, I had to basically sell my soul just to keep Tellah from dying. I usually failed, and burned no fewer than 11 Phoenix Downs on the old bastard. He's died in more varied and interesting ways than Kenny from South Park. It was getting to the point where if he died in battle, I'd say fuck it, win it with Yang and Cid like usual, and raise him afterwards, figuring I didn't care if he got EXP or not as he would die soon anyway.

So after all of this, he finally dies, for good... by casting Meteor. Of all the things that would knock the old coot out, "Dead from lack of MP" is fucking ironic, in the same way that Aerith being able to be resurrected every time in the game except from one sword stab. I didn't know Phoenix Downs were selective!
I do have one legitimate complaint about the game, though: that beautiful FMV scene that everyone humped about on Gametrailers and Youtube? Yeah... unless the ending has some spectacular, balls-tightening FMV, that's all you get. The rest of the game is in Chibivision. That means the whole reason they went with the FMV was to have just enough to show the fanbrats to make them ejaculate over the game.

That's some dirty fucking pool, Squeenix. It's a damn good thing you put so much other shit into this game. That's the kind of shit you used to pull on the PS1. "Hey, who cares about load times? You have butt-ugly CGI! It's the wave of the future!"


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Jul. 28th, 2008 11:14 am (UTC)
Tellah's been climbing Zot for about eighteen years, now, so he's a little frailer than he was in '91, I guess. And I find 'dead from lack of MP' ironic because he never had very many MP to start, anyway.

And we've already discussed the FMV. The most egregious example of this that comes to mind is the opening to Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories. "Oh, look, the GBA can do FMV!" ... "Oh, look, the game itself is kinda primitive by comparison."

Dirty pool, indeed.
Jul. 28th, 2008 01:33 pm (UTC)
But... I like chibivision. :(
Jul. 28th, 2008 01:37 pm (UTC)
Dead again
Stumbling forward until once more I choke
Dead again
The funeral bills would leave my whole state broke!

Yes, I have a song for EVERYTHING, why do you ask? :p

Ah, the good old "Mommy, why didn't they just use a Phoenix Down on Aerith?" dilemna. I really liked in FFV where they at least showed the other characters TRYING to use healing magic/phoenix downs on the dead guy. :p

Dead from lack of MP is pretty entertaining.
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