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Writer's Block: Sarah Palin?

Is Sarah Palin a shrewd choice for the Republican Party, or is she a liability?
I think from a political standpoint, Sarah Palin was a genius, though gimmicky, choice. She adds a different look (and by "look", I don't mean aesthetically) to the McCain ticket, emphasizes different things than he does (though I don't like virtually any of them), and has a good approval rating so far as a governor. I like her fiscal policy (as I tend to go conservative fiscally), but hate her social policy (ewwww pro life) and environment policy ("Why, yes, I'll pimp Anwar for my party's good!"). But I think she's a gimmick; they want a pretty face for the Hillary supporters to come over on.

As an Adam Smith liberal, I detest most of her pet projects, with her being a social conservative, though I like her views on things like the 2nd Ammendment, smaller government, and her anti-corruption stance. As a humane person, I think the treatment she's received because her daughter got knocked up is disgusting (the kid's 17. SEVENTEEN. She's got enough problems), and cannot believe that the Daily Kos would put forth the idea that her child with Down's is actually her daughter's, and she claimed it to shore up her conservative credentials, nor can I believe that people are actually saying this is acceptable, on the basis of "well, informed voters count as much as dumb morons, so if we have to capitalize on the morons...". My country makes me sick.

I will say this, though: anyone that votes for her simply because the voted for Hillary is retarded. Their political platforms cannot be farther apart.


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Sep. 3rd, 2008 09:02 pm (UTC)
An inexperienced candidate picked by a party criticizing the opposing candidate for his lack of experience.

A candidate from one of the most scandal-plagued state governments in the country ... picked by a party trying to varnish its scandal-plagued image.

IMO, this is such a hilariously bad move that I'm starting to think that McCain is purposely trying to lose.
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