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I should have more time to make posts like this over time.

Random thoughts on games I've been going through:

* Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - Wow. I don't know what happened, or what caused it... but either this game is exceptionally hard, or I just suck at Castlevania games all or a sudden.

How? How is anyone beating this game? Cheats? Guides? How did Alex beat this game as quickly as he did? Does all the blood he sucks, and all the Superkicks he gives, do they give him incredible, superhuman gaming skills? I'm getting dusted by the third boss! Consistently! And it doesn't help that the game makes you look at your player's corpse for about five seconds before going "OK, fine, here's your Game Over scene".

As a game, it looks to have a nice setup that seems to simplify the backtracking that is typically necessary in a Castlevania game. That's good at least. And the controls are tight, though there seems to be a lot - and I mean a lot - of cheap hits in certain places; there's no kickback, so if you get hit by something slow moving, you're going to get hit three or four times.

Overall, it's a great Castlevania game - better than Portrait of Ruin, and a lot better than Dawn of Souls - but I don't know if I'm going to rate it as highly as SOTN or Circle of the Moon.

* NBA 2K9 - My love affair with this game is getting scary. I've not played NHL much. I've not played Fable yet, and I own it. And while the reason I haven't played Left 4 Dead is because someone's jabbering me on AIM every .4 seconds and they HAVE to talk to me about SOMETHING ridiculous (hopefully, that lets up as the fever about FESS dies down), I haven't had a chance to really dig into Left 4 Dead, or even Football Manage-- Sorry, WORLDWIDE SOCCER MANAGER '09.

Either way, NBA 2K9 was a game I called the greatest basketball game ever in my review of it, and that's beared out, as I'm absolutely in love with how deep the game is, and the control scheme (subtly different from '08, but the changes are bigger than they appear). That said, I've found a nemesis for my Super Knicks team: the Cleveland Cavaliers. I hate the Cavaliers. They have the things I hate in games like this: a super player (Lebron James), a rebounding force (Zydrunis Illgauskis, which is bad because I play a running style), and a few shooters that can hit shots behind the arc (Wally Sczerbiak, Mo Williams). I hate the Cavaliers, and for a team that's 45-4 right now, what bites my tits is that I'm 0-3 against the Cavaliers.

A large part of me hopes that I miss them in the playoffs. Because even with my lineup (a created player at PG and C, OJ Mayo at SG, Ron Artest at SF, and Chris Bosh at PF, with Ron Stuckey, Danilo Gallinari, PJ Brown and Bonzi Wells getting quality minutes), I'm having MAJOR problems with two players, and I don't know if I'd be able to win a 7 game series.

* The Plethora of RPGs I own - So my PSP is giving me shit, so playing Brave Story is out until I figure out what's wrong. My DS games are still packed, so no playing Dragon Quest IV until that's taken care of. So I've got other RPGs I could play, but I'm wondering which one I should bother with...

- Grandia
- Grandia II (Dreamcast)
- Fable II
- Aveyon (Gametap)
- Chrono Trigger (actual SNES version, not the DS version, which I'm going to wait on a review for)
- Actually making an effort to beat Phantasy Star III and IV (lost saves for both cartridge versions)

There's so many things I could be doing game-wise. I can't wait to break these out!

* I'm thinking of a UTS for the way retailers and publishers are about to go to war over used stock, while the one bit of collateral damage is ignored: US.


Nov. 24th, 2008 11:18 pm (UTC)

I kind of want to replay it, but I swore to myself I'd finish Innocent Sin before Persona 4 comes out.