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This fucking cocksucker got off?!

How is it that Mike Danton is still in jail, and will be going back once he's extradited to Canada, but David Frost is a free man? That's a fucking tragedy!

Times like this make me wonder if vigilantism might not be a bad idea.


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Nov. 28th, 2008 06:37 pm (UTC)
Are you FUCKING serious?

Wow, that pisses me off.
Nov. 28th, 2008 06:47 pm (UTC)
1996: The Metropolitan Toronto Hockey League (now the Greater Toronto Hockey League) suspends David Frost. He allegedly forged the general manager's signature on some player release forms, including Mike Jefferson's. Frost was given the opportunity to appeal the accusation but never did.

April 1997: David Frost pleads guilty to assaulting one of his junior players Darryl Tiveron. As the 20 year-old player skated to the bench during a Quinte Hawks hockey game, Frost grabbed him by the sweater and punched him in the mouth.

A judge later granted David Frost a conditional discharge and placed him on 12 months probation. He was also ordered to make a $250 charitable donation.

Summer 2000: Thirteen year-old Tom Jefferson visits his brother Mike, David Frost, and others at a cottage north of Kingston. Tom comes home troubled.

June 20, 2001: Steve and Sue Jefferson obtain photos of their youngest son Tom. They bring the photos to the attention of Dr. Brian Shaw, psychologist for the NHLPA. He in turn brings the photographs to the attention of the Children's Aid Society and the Ontario Provincial Police.

Photos show Frost pointing a rifle at their then thirteen year-old son. Another photo shows young Tom duct-taped naked to the back of a bunk bed.

The photographs spark a police investigation into allegations of abuse. Frost and five witnesses say the "initiation" was the boy's idea. They also say the boy's version of events is completely false.

The investigation is dropped, but Tom Jefferson sticks to his story.

(Selected from CBC's timeline, full timeline here)

In November 2005 the CBC program The Fifth Estate aired a documentary, Rogue Agent, about the history between Danton and Frost. In it, the documentary casts light on the controlling relationship Frost had with Danton and how he encouraged Danton to estrange himself from his parents, as well as an alleged incident where Frost and a group of his players abused Mike's younger brother. The documentary also focuses on a taped telephone call Danton made to Frost a week after his arrest. In it, Frost instructs Danton to plead guilty and ends the conversation demanding Danton say, "I love you", which Danton does, further fueling speculation of a homosexual relationship between the two.

(From Mike Danton's Wikipedia article)

Where theres' smoke...
Nov. 28th, 2008 06:55 pm (UTC)
he makes me sick. when Danton was first arrested for trying to plot his murder, i read up on David Frost and found so much disturbing shit on him. Almost makes me sad he couldn't carry it out.
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