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Writer's Block: To the Mat

If you were a superstar of professional wrestling, what would your wrestling name be? And what finishing move would you use to get to Wrestlemania?
I'd be a boring, no gimmick guy in the vein of... gulp... a Chris Benoit, or Bret Hart. Basically, name any boring Canadian wrestler, and you'd have me.

And I wouldn't be going to Wrestlemania with my finisher; my favourite move - a Tiger Driver '91 - would make Vince's lawyers dizzy. (For those that don't know what that move is, picture a double underhook Tombstone; like the Pedigree, only I drop the guy on his head)

(Or just watch the embedded video of Misawa himself doing it)


Nov. 30th, 2008 11:35 pm (UTC)
Ah, I remember the zenith of Wrestling's popularity in 1998-2000. (At least, that was a the zenith among people under 20 at the time, from what I could discern).

I also remember the danger of pedigreeing people in play-wrestling! And doing People's Elbows...wow, The Rock was a joke. :E