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Roy Keane is gone at Sunderland.

I don't know what to say. On the one hand, with him, we won the Championship (and started that season bottom of the table, and looking square in the face of a demotion to League 1), and he kept us in the Premiership last year. Furthermore, the players he brought in - Chimbonda, Diouf, Malbranque, Anton Ferdinand, all quality players and in the case of Ferdinand, someone that needs some seasoning - would not have come to the club if someone like Kevin Ball were managing them, and that's no discredit to a loyal and true man like Ball.

On the other, the club has been playing worse and worse lately - the 1-4 loss to Bolton stings the most - and I have to wonder if Roy's acerbic tactics had started to wear on his boys. He was no stranger to controversy, and anytime someone did something he didn't like - mental mistake, late for a practise, playing in an international match (see: Yorke, Dwight) - he dropped that player like a rock. He seemed to like to play players from the youth squad a lot to send messages, but that message only works a couple of times before it starts to wear, the youths start to get frustrated as to being yanked around (as opposed to happy to be playing out of the youth and reserve squads), and I think the way some of their players were released last year - told, flat-out, that they weren't good enough for Roy's squad, in public, and humiliatingly having to retreat to the Championship or other low level Premiership teams - has worn on some of the others. After all, I can't fault him for getting rid of the players that were a part of that video scandal (notice how quickly Ben Alnwick and Liam Lawrence were gone after that video of them fucking that 16 year old came out; according to Wikipedia's entry on Lawrence, they were gone by January 15th, they didn't even make it half way through the transfer window), but he let go some decent players because of perceived mental weaknesses. That goes so far for so long.

So that leaves us almost where we started; Sunderland is in the Premiership, and they beat Newcastle, but they're still in relegation trouble, they lost today (in a game that they earned the draw in against Manchester), and I can't really look forward to the rest of the year with some new boardmember on (yay, another noisy, imbecile American; maybe he thought that football was the "in" thing to do. Shut up and let the manager manage), who's likely going to block a lot of transfers (it's questionable to say how his transfers have worked out so far, it's only December). I think that's why Keane left; he had his transfers questioned publically by the new guy, and by others, and he's too prideful - and too stubborn - to let that happen. The way he left Ireland and Manchester ring too much in my head.

And I hate to say it, because he's always been a bit of a modern legend to me, but Keane showed that he's a quitter today. He quit on Ireland because of his row with Mick McCarthy, he quit on Manchester because he was displeased with certain players, and he's since quit on Sunderland because they're hitting a rough patch. Awesome work Keano, so when your team gets relegated, you won't be there at the end, like a good Captain would. Now, even Alex Fergueson - who had stated he wanted Keane to replace him at Manchester - is cooling to that statement. Simply put, Roy Keane very likely doesn't have the temperament to manage top-level football, and really, doesn't have the patience to manage lower level football, either.

I just wish he would have stuck out the year, instead of bailing on a good man and outstanding chairman (Niall Quinn) who had his back 110% of the time.

EDIT: I'm hearing Alan Curbishley as the name to replace Keane. I'm 100% for that. The whole reason he left West Ham was because his board was undercutting him, and he won't have that problem at Sunderland as long as they can tell Ellis Short to shut the fuck up and stay out of the way.

EDIT2: The bookies are saying Sam Allardyce, a former Mackem player who was last seen... managing at... um... Newcastle. And taking the piss there.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. I'm not as high on that one.


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Dec. 7th, 2008 04:14 am (UTC)
Keane wanted the type of Job security and influence people like Alex Ferguson or the late great Bill Shankly had and not realizing that they both had to go through a lot of shit before they got those jobs and, let's face it, English football has changed (for the worse) and you can't just whine and quit everytime things go pear shaped.

I love Keano as much as the next guy(prawn sandwich brigade)so I wish he'd stop tarnishing his image.

Also I agree that Curbishley>>>>Allardyce.
Dec. 7th, 2008 10:31 pm (UTC)
I'm not installing Silverlight for that fucking shit.
Dec. 7th, 2008 10:52 pm (UTC)
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