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I'm going to fuck Tecmo until they love me

I just had a look at the Rygar "remake".

They Squeenixed it! The Greco-Roman look of the PS2 game that I loved so much has been replaced with... ugh... well...

BEFORE: http://www.megghy.com/immagini/PS2/R/Rygar_The_Legendary_Adventure_Ps2.jpg

AFTER: http://images.elotrolado.net/news2/110507190020_1big.jpg

What the fuck is this focus-grouped, anime shit? I'm supposed to review this when it finally comes out?

I'm going to rape this game, I think. Hard. I won't even call it afterwards.


Dec. 12th, 2008 11:12 pm (UTC)
I don't know... It's a dramatic change, and I do prefer the old version to the new version (to be fair, I'm getting a bit tired of anime getting into my videogames), but looking at it, I can immediately say that it could be a lot worse.

At least they had the decency to give the guy facial hair and SOME musculature (even if the whole thing does look like a ripoff of HTK). It COULD have been, say, Sora #23643.