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Holy SHIT, the stores are nuts!

"I'm going to take lunch at the mall. I figure I got some cash, I'll pick up a game or something, take a leisurely stroll. I might even come back late, it's not like anything's going on." - Me, to a worker in another department.


Apparently, in America, Boxing Day does not mean a festive time to exchange gifts. My guess is that they take it to be a sporting holiday where you go to the mall, find everything on sale, and beat the shit out of anyone that gets in your way, meaning they took the sporting aspect of the word "Boxing".

It took me 40 minutes to get to the mall during lunch; it normally takes 10, and mind you, I'm scheduled for 60. I got in, after finally finding a parking space somewhere in New Hampshire, and walked in to find that my mall had been taken over, at about 3:30 EST, by maniacs. Fire-breathing lunatics, one and all. I couldn't go anywhere. I couldn't do anything. It took me ten minutes to be able to take a piss. And FORGET Gamestop. Both of them had lines going out the door, as their salespeople - all five of them - could not keep up with the immense demand of the populace. What's worse is that none of the people there are what anyone would call gamers; these were all Wiitards, the kind of casual gamer that buys the system and a few shitty games put out by Zoo Interactive, then puts the thing away forever, until it's time to put it on eBay. They were aggressive. They were angry ("DON'T FUCKING CUT ME, ASSHOLE" "Dude! I Just want to get to the 360 section!"). I even got shoved when I inevitably bumped into some skinny kid who seems to be trying to try out for the Crips or some shit. "Wus up?"

To hell with that shit; I don't need to be fighting eight black kids from West Haven in Gamestop. I just left the mall, and I'll deal with the mall again in a few days when the bovine go back to their consumer pasture.

EDIT: It should be noted that I'm fairly sure both people in these cases seemed to be in the same party. When my father keeps getting angry about the "mavros" (the blacks), these are the people he's talking about. Way to go, guys. A+.


Dec. 27th, 2008 02:39 am (UTC)
The book store was fairly safe, thankfully. We didn't get nearly as many fools as the mall across the street.