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So I was able to get to a Gamestop just before hockey (more on THAT shit show in a bit), and actually get some things worth owning!

Here's my final tally for the day:

- MicroSD card reader, $10 - This was for the SD card that came with the package Fenix sent, which I received! Thank you very much, dude, I'll try to get Ace Combat 4 out now that I have some money. It works great (after I got stupid and reformatted the card; I had to download the kernel again, and a custom theme.... I have a Haruhi theme. XD), and I'm playing the new Suikoden on it.

Though... what's the other stuff that came with it? I hae a Slim Jim like package, what looks to be some bark, and some men's oil which is very nice, BTW.

- Blue Dragon GET! ($17) - This was basically bought with Aileen in mind. She liked the demo, and the price is finally right. I might even like this one.

Speaking of games I will likely either love or hate...

- Last Remnant GET! ($40, plus the $20 book) - This came very highly recommended by some people on Girl Gamers, so I figured at $40 new, the price is right. If it sucks? I keep it for Ai, or trade it in.

- All three PS2 Prince of Persia games GET! ($26) - This was the buy 2, get one free sale. I figured I could either get these now, or wait until my card comes in and get the three of them, plus the new game for $50. The reason I went this route, even with it being more expensive, is because the PoP games are older PC games, and therefore are not guaranteed to work with my controller (as in, it won't recognize the analogue inputs on the 360 controller). I went with safety, even knowing the PS2's weaknesses (fucking memory cards).

I figure these will be good for now, but once that card comes in, I'm JUMPING on that Steam sale, after the website is taken care of. Aquaria and Painkiller are pretty much instant buys.


Dec. 27th, 2008 05:44 pm (UTC)
From what I read, it should have.


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