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A sports related difference in websites:

I can watch full games on ESPN360.com... if I have an ISP that has a partnership deal with ESPN, and am (I think) an Insider subscriber (which I am). Therefore, since I have Comcast, I can't use ESPN360.com. If something's online that I want to watch, I cannot watch it, but I'm given a link to "pressure" Comcast to make a deal ($$$) with ESPN. LOL. Sure.

On TSN.ca? I can watch the entire lineup of World Junior Championship games, on demand. And I'm not even in Canada!

God bless TSN (ironically, the ESPN of Canada). Maybe it's because TSN isn't owned by Disney? But God bless TSN. God bless the CBC.

Because let me just say this: I'm positive that the Winter Classic isn't going to be viewable ANYWHERE after today, thanks to NBC.