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NHL Meme from Liz

Who is your favorite NHL Team?
American Team: New York Rangers
Canadian Team: Vancouver Canucks

Your most hated NHL team?
Any southern joke franchise. Tampa, Florida, Phoenix and Atlanta are the big four, with Carolina on the list for personal reasons.

Ever been to an NHL game?
Quite a few, my last one being a Hurricanes game.

Are you a season ticket holder?
No, but I used to be a season ticket holder to the Soundtigers.

Your Stanley Cup Prediction for this year?
I think it'll be the Sharks. Picking who's going to come out of the poor Eastern Conference is hard, but I think it'll be New Jersey.

Who's going to be the rookie of the year?
Chris Mason is not only my pick for ROTY, I think he's the Vezina winner so far.

How about MVP?
Alex Ovechkin is the only reason the Capitals are in the playoffs, much less second in the East.

What are your traditions when going to a game?
I always try to make warmups. Other than that? No real traditions.

What are your traditions when watching a game on TV?
Why would I?

Do you play hockey as well?
I'm going to get back into pickup, I think. But I don't play competitively anymore.

What is your most hated stereotype about your team or your teams fans?
I don't pay attention. All NHL fans of northern teams are really the same.

How many times has your team won the Stanley Cup?
The Rangers: 4, with the last one against...
The Canucks: :(

Made it to the Cup Finals in the last 10 seasons?
The Canucks are perpetual underachievers. The Rangers? Making the PLAYOFFS was an accomplishment.

Which team, in your eye, is the best in the league?
I still think it's San Jose. I don't care what Boston's record is, they're in a shitty conference where every team is flawed in some major way.

What team(s) do you think will be the One(s) To Watch over the next few seasons?
Montreal, Washington, San Jose, Chicago (look at Chicago's attendance!)

What or who made you interested in hockey?
The speed of the game really got me, as well as the sounds, but the first moment I stepped into pads and stopped a shot, and learned it didn't hurt, I was hooked.

How many jerseys do you own?
I forget offhand.

Is your room decorated with your favorite team?
Only if the Flag counts.

Is anyone else in your family a hockey fan?
My mother is. My aunt used to be until the Islanders stopped winning Cups.

Do you enjoy the fights?
I enjoy real fights. I'm in the category of people being more than a little sick of these idiots lining up before a faceoff, prepping, taking their helmets off (no one realizes why they do that: visors), hitting their entrance musics, spitting water into the air, and having the bell ring before they do Pillates for thirty seconds. I like it when someone gets run over, and they defend themselves. Real men like Jarome Iginla.

Have you ever met any pro players?
I've met numerous pros of all levels over the years, a lot of ex-NHL players, and I'm friends with a couple of them. I also hate name-dropping.

Have you got any NHL player autographs?
I don't do autographs.

Have you ever caught a puck from the stands?
A few times in the AHL. I've given them all to kids. I don't need game pucks.

Is Hockey your favorite sport?
It's my favourite GAME. I've fallen out of love with the "sport" aspect.

Who's your 2nd Favorite team?
Both my teams are a tie for first.

5 favorite NHL players?
Of all time? Ken Dryden, Mike Richter, Kirk McLean, Guy Carbonneau, Mike Vernon

Hockey movie?
Miracle, though The Rocket is really, REALLY good.

What players do you hate?
People hate players for the wrong reason. Sean Avery is just annoying. How about someone who is a noted drunk, noted wife abuser, and who's kid is about to go on trial for the unprovoked assault of another goaltender in a junior hockey game?

That's right: I hate Patrick Roy, and not because he annoys people or beats my player in a fight. I hate Patrick Roy because for every time he fought Chris Osgood or Mike Vernon, he beat the shit out of his wife ten times.

I haven't been to MSG yet, but that's #1.

I don't idolize coaches.

Fave Goalie?
Dryden, Richter and McLean

Fave d-man?
Scott Stevens is the epitome of what a defensive player should be: he blocked shots, hit hard, was great positionally, fought, and was competent on offence. There's also Stevens 2.0, Dion Phaneuf.

Pregame Song?
Every time I go to the rink, I play the same song upon pulling in: AC/DC's Thunderstruck.