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Alright Mark, I'll give you what you want

Of course, I had a lot to say to your old entry you addressed to me, too. But you disabled comments, so I didn't see the point; you made your point that it was a one-way conversation. Alas. I had intended to make my last post friends-only but didn't only because I just forgot to hit that setting; you know my thoughts on you, but I've been biting my lip for so long only to keep the staff uninvolved. The last one was left open, so I guess the cat's out of the bag now; might as well put it here.

First off, I do have one positive thing to say to you: I'm very thankful you haven't gotten Aileen involved in our disagreements. Too many people that have issues with me have taken them out on Aileen, and I don't want to see your friendship with her affected because we don't like each other. I don't like you and you don't like me, but I am thankful you have at least that much integrity, and as long as we don't ask her to pick sides, I'm happy.

Now, to everything else. I have nothing new, really; you're a gutless, spiteful coward who does everything he does via passive aggressiveness, and you take out your issues with a few people (most of who are gone, last I checked) on the entire site. You're the one rebel in the group, and what gets me is that half our board was called before we could even say anything. I will defer to Alex when he says you called the last batch after he posted it - I had thought you called them beforehand - but it doesn't mask the fact that no one knows what you're doing, and oftentimes, what you're doing is redundant, be it specific articles, reviews, or even editing work. Alex, Jason and I have pretty good communication when it comes to editing, and when it comes to the sports games, I have great communication with Pank, Guy and Bryan, but we never really know what's going on with you. You come in, take half the board, and the rest of us just have to react. I don't know if this bothers anyone else - I won't make assumptions - but that, combined with why you do it (your blatant and stated disrespect for the rest of the staff), are infuriating. I was hoping you'd grow out of that childish phase and come back to the rest of the fold, but that was misplaced. It's like dealing with a spiteful ex-girlfriend.

I remember you asking awhile ago if I would have reacted as poorly to the comments I made about Joel's art - I forget what exactly was said, but it actually wasn't anything directed at Joel himself, if I remember right - if you'd made them about Aileen. Honestly? I wouldn't have, and here's why: I don't fight Aileen's battles. I don't need to be her protector, and as we're learning with her own personal life at home, she doesn't like it when people think they have to be her public defender (see: parents). I respect her more than that, and let me preface that by saying that I am not saying you respect Joel less than I do. I am certain we have two different ideals of the word. I can respect your feeling the need to help or defend him for whatever reason, but you took out one spat on the rest of the site, and have for months upon months. You killed a mosquito with a nuke. So don't bring Aileen into that question, because it's irrelevant.

I honestly don't care what you do, or what you think of me; you think I'm a boorish asshole with no sensitivity, and I think you're a crying heart with no courage. But my #1 concern is the health of DHGF. Your actions are not helping anything, and since your usefulness is ONLY tied to the volume of content you provide, as you provide less content (for obvious reasons, which is understood), your usefulness goes down because you're not involved in anything else, be it calling games where we can see them, contributing to pieces via email (and of course, only if someone you approve of is doing the piece), or what have you. What, do you think I'm going to bite if you post your thoughts on the latest Sonic the Hedgehog game on the VC in the thread dedicated to it? Even if you sent me a PM when I do those pieces, that's fine! See, it's been made patently obvious that we don't like each other, but I'm still willing to work with you as a writer. You're not willing to reciprocate, and what gets me is that your lack of reciprocation is 100% unnecessary, and is spiteful only for the sake of spite. That's why I am upset, and have been; none of this is new.

Comments are screened, and I really don't want to hear from anyone else, so feel free to reply back. I'm sure you won't say much, or will delete the comment when you do, but that's OK, my conscience is clear.