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Writer's Block: More Island Time

You're packing your bag for that other desert island—the one with no electricity—what 5 books do you take with you?
Much better.

- Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong. This one's EASY; my favourite book of all time.

- Outlaws of the Marsh (aka: Water Margin) by Shi Naian. Can you tell I have a thing for the four great Chinese novels? Bonus points for this one being the motivation behind Suikoden.

- Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en. See? And I didn't know Chimchar was based off of that particular monkey. Alex, is Wikipedia lying to me?

- I'm Not Perfect by David Wells. Keep your books by Sparky Lyle and Jim Bouton; David Wells is my favourite player of all time. The best horribly written book of all time.

- (tie) Have A Nice Day! by Mick Foley and To Be The Man by Ric Flair. I'd have to coin-flip this one.


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Mar. 3rd, 2009 05:53 pm (UTC)
If you had to recommend one to me, which would you pick? :D
Mar. 3rd, 2009 06:15 pm (UTC)
Definitely wipe the last two/three off the list; you have to be a really big fan of either baseball, wrestling or poor writing to appreciate them (David Wells, even with a ghost writer, is awful, but entertaining).

Hmmm... I guess the question is, what do you prefer? Three Kingdoms has some historical background (and is freely available online), Journey to the West is the most whimsical, and Outlaws of the Marsh is the best overall story. For you, just knowing your interests off the top of my head, I would recommend Journey to the West because so much anime (including the original Dragonball) is based off of it.

If you're that interested, you can get it on Amazon; that's the best version of the book in English, by far. But there's also a link there for a slight savings on all three books. I'd personally grab that if I didn't own them already, though you might want to read Three Kingdoms online first, starting with the first chapter; I prefer the books, but the books cost $45, so if you can ignore the retarded commentary on the side...
Mar. 4th, 2009 12:29 am (UTC)
I just looked up Journey to the West on Wikipedia to try and get a feel for it... WOW. It looks so epic! XD
Mar. 3rd, 2009 06:14 pm (UTC)
Mar. 3rd, 2009 09:50 pm (UTC)
I'm almost willing to bet money they'll do another desert island question tomorrow.

"You're packing your bag yet AGAIN for that wonderful island. What five pairs of underwear are you taking?"

I bet it'll be that exact question, too.
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