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Another one bites the dust

So Test is dead.

I wonder why people give me grief for turning the WWF out of my mind altogether lately. I can't look at it the same way I did even a few years ago; the list of wrestlers that have died early has been building since the big upswing in the WWF's popularity in the 80s (ironically, when Vince's infatuation with big bodies started; you had to roid up to get a push back then). Then Chris Benoit killed his family and himself, mainly due to dementia brought on by years and years of a combination of steroid abuse and concussion after concussion after concussion. The lifestyle of a professional wrestler, to me, has overridden the entertainment derived from the activity; the curtain's been raised, and I don't like what I see. I'm almost positive a normally healthy 33 year old man will have had SOMETHING in his system that caused a heart attack, or something along those lines; god knows how close someone like Kurt Angle is to this very same fate, in an organization that cares even less than Vince does (which is saying something!)

I couldn't believe my aunt when she told me that Chris Benoit's death had nothing to do with the wrestling lifestyle; oh, it was the drugs, and the steroids, and he was fucked up to begin with. Raise your hands, wrestling fans: was Chris Benoit EVER anything more than an upstanding citizen before June 22 of 2007? Of course, it's not the industry, I mean, look at all the people that AREN'T nuts, right? Well, I did, and once you get the abnormal amount of wrestlers that died before they were 65, you notice that most of them fall into the category of being serially negligent parents and husbands (Kurt Angle, for example), wife beaters (Steve Austin, Lex Luger), drug addicts (too many to count), etc. Shit, it seems like the only person that's been able to leave Wrestling behind after a top career, and have perspective on it is the Ultimate Warrior, and he might have the worst reputation among other wrestlers in the world! I mean, that guy is still fit, still as sane as he was in his 20s (though that leaves a bit to be desired, the guy is a bit of a cuckoo clock), and still makes good money... obviously, he's a lunatic! Why can't he be more like Ric Flair, who's been another chronically bad parent and husband since he started wrestling?

It's depressing that with all the attention everyone pays to baseball's steroid "problem", no one seems to care about this. Even the fans don't care; 90% of fans nowadays don't give a shit that Andrew Martin is dead - how many non-hardcore fans knew Test's/The Punisher's name was Andrew Martin? - and would only care if a semi-main event star went down. If Angle, HHH, HBK or Cena go down? They'll have their candlelight vigils. If Shawn Diavari (Shiek Abdul Bashir, TNA), Kofi "Kingston" Sarkodie-Mensah or Paul Burchill die? I'm sure it'll be business as usual even to the real "fans".


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Mar. 15th, 2009 01:20 am (UTC)
I was wondering if this death would hit your radar. Looks like it did. ... Sport just keeps looking dirtier and dirtier. At least there'll be cheers the world over if Vince dies.
Mar. 15th, 2009 03:41 am (UTC)
*wince* That's...a long list.

And man, with all the attention given to A-Rod, you'd think they could spare a little for stuff like this...
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