Superbus the BRAVE!!! (superbus) wrote,
Superbus the BRAVE!!!

Interesting TF2 query

Why is it that I find the very best TF2 players on servers with subjects such as "NOOBS WELCOME" and "NOOBS ONLY"? Is that a trap or something so that these people can get their point counts up? Clan servers don't have players like this.

I'm not a noob, but I'm really a very average player. I shouldn't be on a server where the questions I ask myself include "OK, why is this guy aimbotting" and "OK, fucking seriously, what's with the fucking aimbot!?" We're talking, a sniper that can come around a corner, zoom in on me, headshot me, and come back out in a matter of a half a second; like he's pushing left click (shoot) immediately after hitting right click (zoom in), and getting headshots almost 100% of the time.

Sorry if I sound skeptical, but what the fuck. I've played against good snipers, but this guy doubled up the next person down the list in points on Badwater.

(On the other hand are players like the ones I had on a 2Fort server last night. On a 16v16 team, mine had four engineers, including myself. Here's just a taste of what I saw:

- Two dispensers next to each other in the same alcove in 2fort, with no sentries in front of them.
- A sentry facing the wall
- Two teleporters going into the intel room (no sentries in the intel room)
- Engineers on offense

I mean... I'm an average player, and when I'm far and away leading our efforts to win a map, that's a good indication we're in trouble.)
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