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I'm playing Street Fighter IV, because I have to mail it back to Gamefly today; I've cancelled their service (barely any time to play), so I have to play it now or never.

It's good to see that the fucking enemy AI at the higher fights is still as fucking cheap-shit as ever. I hate enemy AI like this; they don't react the way a fighter would, they react specifically to my button presses. For example, right now, I'm fighting as Ryu against M. Bison. As soon as I move forward in a match for the first time, he's going to slide across the floor and kick me low; Bison's a cheap character to begin with, so this is a hard move to defend against if you don't know it's coming. But what I'm noticing also - Alex, correct me if I'm wrong - is that this asshole's pulling off charge moves while moving in the wrong direction. You are not supposed to do the double knee press while moving forward, because you have to charge back to fucking pull it off! It's shit like this that drove me out of fighting games to begin with.

I keep hearing players - usually very good fighting game players - complain that enemy AI is too easy. Yes, probably because you can game the system. Me? I'm spending my time figuring out how to make a computer player do the moves that he's programmed to do by my button presses - again, not a "real" AI so much as "he did X, do Y" - and just getting fucking frustrated.

*sigh* Time to break out Virtua Fighter 5 and remember just how a fighting game feels again.

EDIT: And fuck that stupid lucadore, too. Everytime I jumped in the air - without fail - he did the same fucking hurricarana move.


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May. 10th, 2009 01:34 am (UTC)
If you're playing on anything above Medium, you're wasting your time, IMO.
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