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Writer's Block: Apology Not Accepted

Have you ever refused to accept someone's apology, or had your own apology rejected?
I'm typically pretty bad about keeping grudges; I'm the most reasonable, affable person on Earth 98% of the time, but when someone crosses the line, I tend to never, ever forgive them; I never forgave Christine for breaking into my Livejournal over a petty argument in '04 to see if I said anything about her, nor have I forgiven Kathy for taking Camilla's Japanese copy of Path of Radiance and never shipping it in '05 or '06. I also, naturally, never forgave Amy for the way she acted in 2000. These are all grudges I believe I'll take to my grave.

As for not having my own apologies accepted, I think it happened on a hockey rink somewhere when I was playing, and I figure if you're going to not accept my handshake, there's nothing left to talk about that can't be done with fists. If you're going to disrespect me in that sense, I'll reciprocate.