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This Post Is Basically For Liz

NHL '10 has a fantasy draft feature.

For my review, I have started to use it. Instead of going in with my default rosters, I decided to pick the New York Rangers, and go with the Fantasy Draft. These are done just like most fantasy league drafts; whoever picks 1st in the 1st round picks 30th in the 2nd, whereas 2 then goes 29, etc. I had the 4th pick, and after picking my first pick based on best available, I ended up going primarily for youth and affordability.

Thankfully, I grossly underestimated my salary cap projection, and ended up almost near the minimum salary cap of $40m. So I was able to take on salary and build up a fairly good team. Plus, all the unsigned free agents signed for less than they would have been drafted for (you draft a player, you take on his NHL salary; this means that Mats Sundin is worth $10m, which is obscene)

Not counting the AHL affiliate, and going from left to right on the ice:

1st line: Alex Tanguay, Brad Richards (thank you, money-strapped Anaheim!), Jarome Iginla (C)
2nd line: Daniel Booth (A), Marc Savard (A), Chris Neil (80 overall rating... a bit overrated?)
3rd line: Alexei Pokikarovsky, Oscar Moller (rookie with the Kings), Owen Nolan (about as far from being a rookie as possible!)
4th line: Darren Helm (decent Wings prospect), Cal O'Reilly (good prospect with the Preds), Matt Roy (someone I'm likely sending down if he clears waivers)
1st Defence: Sergei Zubov (FA pickup), Brendan Witt
2nd Defence: Lee Sweatt (nice offensive defenceman playing in Finland, but he's only 5'8"), Johnny Oduya
3rd Defence: Adam Pardy (I'd like to upgrade this spot), Shane O'Brien
Goalies: Jonathan Quick, Dan Lacosta
Healthy scratch: Mike Mottau

Overall, I have a nice top two lines, and a high-ceiling group of third and fourth liners and a lot of good depth on the farm as well (Trevor Lewis is the best player I have not playing on the big team). But I'm concerned about my defence. Zubov's a one-year wonder, Brad Stuart should never be playing on anyone's top pairing, ever, Oduya's no better than a 3rd D, and my best defensive prospect is 5'8" and much closer to Paul Coffey than Rod Langway, let's put it that way. I'm also wondering if picking Jonathan Quick when I did was a mistake. I got him in the 3rd round because he's young, talented and cheap, but he's just not playing well. I also desperately need left wings; Cal O'Reilly and Ilya Zubov are both listed as centres. I might be able to package Zubov and David Jones together for something. Everyone wants David Booth, but I'm not trading him for anything. Theoretically, I could get rid of Ilya Zubov, David Jones and maybe Adam Pardy for either a left wing or a high-ceiling defenceman, but because I'm so weak on D, I might have to keep Pardy. Sadly, it seems like the GM AI has gotten much better; I cannot sweet-talk any teams out of giving up top prospects like Erik Johnson or Kyle Okposo.

Some interesting facts:

Number of actual Rangers players who made my team: 0
Number of notable former Rangers who made my team: 2 (Zubov, Savard)
Number of Flames on my team: 3 (Iginla, Pardy, Brett Sutter in the AHL)
Salary space available for upgrades: $10m

EDIT: Just traded Zubov and Jones for Alexei Ponikarovski. Not my favourite trade ever, but it addresses a need.


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Sep. 17th, 2009 04:41 am (UTC)
I love that you have 3 Flames XD

Are you..confident in those goalies? XDD

..Who the hell is Mike Mottau?
Sep. 17th, 2009 04:43 am (UTC)
Iginla was my first pick in the draft! 8D

I'm not 100% confident, but since I wrote this, Quick's played better. I don't think Lacosta's seen one game yet. XD

Mike Mottau is a journeyman defenceman for the Devils. Low output, low-maintenance kinda guy. Basically a poor man's Bryce Salvador.

EDIT: It be noted that as of this second, Lee Sweatt has more goals (3) than Jarome Iginla (2) in the seventh game of the season. XD

Edited at 2009-09-17 04:45 am (UTC)
Sep. 17th, 2009 05:01 am (UTC)
Lee who? XDDD
Sep. 17th, 2009 05:22 am (UTC)

Lee Sweatt - who I never heard of before I drafted him - is my 2nd pairing LD. He's playing in Finland, and also played for Team USA at the National Championships... for inline hockey. XD He's a purely offensive defenceman; 5'8" and not very built, he's not a hitter, he relies on getting his stick in the way of the play. He's at his best on outlet passes, and placing shots; he's not even very fast. His shot's not hard, but he places it well.

But fret not: in game 8, Jarome tied Lee Sweatt in goal-scoring! Yay $7m Jarome, tying $950k Lee Sweatt! <3 XD
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